Monday, August 25, 2014

A Beautiful Day for a White Wedding... or Two..

{July 2014}

So originally Blake and I had planned to leave for our big Texas adventure at the beginning of June to just kind of figure out the area and get settled and everything figured out for school [& at the time of course I was thinking...employment].. 

But life always has a funny way of working out and something a lot more exciting than all of our plans convinced us to stay for another couple of months.. 

Blake's brother Colby and my sweet new sister in law Kaitlyn got ENGAGED...

So of course we decided we couldn't miss this awesome experience for the world, & since we had to be out of our apartment at the beginning of June for all of our moving to work out we got to stay with my in laws and have quite the couple months of wedding bonanza..

And what a blessing it was to get to be with everyone through all of this, all of their planning and preparation turned out completely PERFECT.

& Speaking of things that are perfect.. Colby and Kaitlyn i'm so glad that you two found each other and fell in love.
I sure love you guys [& know Blake does too] and am SO grateful that we got to be a part of your beautiful day.

Thanks for letting us share it with you!

By the end of the night everyone was on the dance floor giving it everything they had... oh my gosh it was a Par-Tay. & It was one of those nights you go home exhausted and sore from laughing so hard.
Seeing these wonderful people bustin moves is one of those life experiences you wish you could live over and over again. 

The next morning at breakfast my cute 5 year old niece exclaimed to us, 
"Last night was the BEST night of my life!"
We all laughed and my mother in law asked her why it was so good...
& She paused.. and looked at us dreamily and said, 
"Oh.. the dannnccing.."

It really was wonderful though, one of those days you just get to enjoy being alive and the loved ones around you.. & I am so happy we got at least a day to just celebrate Colby & Kait. 

And THEN.. a few weeks before Colby and Kaitlyn's wedding we had another wonderful surprise..
These two little love birds (my beautiful sister in law Danielle and her new husband Connor)

& I was SO impressed, they definitely pulled quite an amazing fun wedding together despite finals and only having a little over a month to plan.

I had actually been stressing the last few months about when Danielle and Connor would get married.. because they were obviously so in love that they were definitely going to get married. & I couldn't imagine us not being able to be there..
In fact one night I was so worried about it I couldn't sleep and kept poor Blake up coming up with different scenarios of how in the world we would be able to make it to their wedding since I had thought they would get married around Christmas time during their next school break when I was 9 months pregnant..

[& Obviously all of that worrying was constructive at all.. my mom is convinced I am going to my make our daughter neurotic with all of my stressing..]

BUT they were a dream and made it so everyone could be there..

And obviously it all worked out perfect and I can't tell you how GRATEFUL I am that it did.
& Thanks for letting me be your bridesmaid my sweet Dani girl.. I love you with all of my heart and am so glad you found Connor!

& When we were planning Danielle's wedding she had said she wanted it to be a party.. 
and a party it was!

We couldn't have dreamed a better last day in Idaho..

I hope this video works because it says so much more than I could about this wonderful day and because this family is so much fun.. you have to watch the end reception dance party.

[And because there are just no words to describe Blake's wild and crazy dance moves.. but once you get to be with him and experience the wildness, if you can watch them through how hard you are laughing, your life feels a little more complete]

We love you Connor and Danielle! & Are SO happy you are part of the family Connor!

This night was SO happy and a little sad for Blake and I.. it was hard saying good bye to everyone but it was such a fun way end our Idaho summer.

But how BLESSED are we to have something that makes leaving and saying goodbye so hard.

We love and miss you guys already.

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