Monday, August 25, 2014

Our Sweet Baby Girl

So through life and everything else going on that seemed kind of immediate..
Our sweet baby has kind of got put on the back burner.
Now don't get me wrong Blake and I definitely haven't forgotten that we are expecting a baby
 (I can't even tell you how excited we are for this baby)
 we check our pregnancy app and my weight and belly at least weekly..
[& He has been SO cute and gets excited with me when I get a little bit bigger, I have only gained solidly 2 lbs up to this point from my regular weight and seem to be kind of a late bloomer]

But we haven't had a lot of time to plan things for the baby yet.. & I've tried to eat healthy but sure have been on the go go go and I haven't got to plan and cook as many baby balanced meals as I wish.. hunger just hits me at kind of the extreme and I have to grab whatever is available.
& That's definitely a recent development because for the first few months it was hard to eat anything at all.

Then with the wedding excitement celebrations we have wanted everyone else to feel like they have really gotten to enjoy their day and celebrating them.

{July 13th 2014}

We did however really want to find out the gender before we moved to Texas so that we could share the excitement with everyone before we moved!
Blake and I for some reason were pretty darn convinced that we were having a boy.. I had even bought some boy clothes that were on sale because I was excited and couldn't wait.

So you can only imagine our surprise when the ultra sound tech told us...

We are having a sweet BABY GIRL!

I kind of expected Blake to be a little bummed if it wasn't a boy for some reason.. but he was the one smiling from ear to ear. Just the proudest daddy you have ever seen..
& I am over here in shock asking the ultra sound tech if she is sure.. and what is the chance that we would come back again and it might be a boy?

But we double checked and were reassured it is DEFINITELY a girl.
And we couldn't be happier.. now I can't tell you how right it feels that it is a girl. I am so grateful for this baby girl that is going to make me a mom and can't wait to experience the joys {& I'm sure trials}of parenthood with Blake.

Thank you so much to everyone who has already spoiled her and us..
It's such a blessing to be able to be excited and celebrate with others and I am grateful we don't have to go through it all alone. 

I can't wait to have a cute bundle of joy that fits into these tiny clothes!

And then.. dun dun duhh...

{August 6th 2014}

My favorite part! 
The doctors appointments/ultra sounds. I wake up every Dr.'s appointment feeling like it's Christmas just up and ready to go and see our baby girl.
It just keeps getting more fun as she grows and looks like a real baby and we can watch her kick and move around.
This ultra sound was the one at 20 weeks.
{It's hard in these ultrasound pictures because all of the fluid it seems like you can never see all of her body at once.. but the top one you can see her face and sweet belly and actually the umbilical cord, and then the bottom one is her cute cute leg}
She weighs just over a pound, is a little over 11 inches, and she can hear now and is basically all formed, so we are just waiting for her eyes and everything to become a little more developed.

{The week of August 11th 2014}

This picture [of me at 21 weeks] is in celebration of me being just over HALF WAY done with my pregnancy..
& Because I am finally starting to show a little bit.
It seems like I am having a heck of a time convincing everyone that I am even pregnant.. especially if you haven't seen me before.
Even though I feel A LOT bigger than normal.. probably the first thing I hear if we are talking about me being pregnant (& if I am not standing up holding my belly) is no way you can't even tell! Or you aren't even showing it's not fair!

However what everyone does not realize is that I would LOVE to be showing.. 
I have only had 1 person, that didn't know I was pregnant before, be brave enough to come right out and tell me congratulations.. (it was my cashier at Macys) and I was so ecstatic I wanted to jump right over the counter and hug her.
I am currently 23 weeks so only 17 ish more to go.. and am loving that I feel like I have been growing, but I definitely still have to wear tighter clothes or hold my stomach to convince people something is there..
That's alright though, I'm sure I'll want someone to remind me of this by the end of the 9 months when I am bigger.

I started feeling her kick at 18 weeks.. and Blake felt her for the first time at 20 and now it feels like she is doing jumping jacks or karate.. or kick boxing.. or maybe all 3 sometimes inside of me.
Sometimes I whine a little.. because she is definitely a mover.. but secretly I absolutely love it.
I love being able to feel close to her and know that she is doing okay because I still have nightmares that something went or could go wrong.

I feel so so blessed to be pregnant and that our family is growing.. and can't tell you how LOVED this little girl is already.
I just can't believe how fast it's all going by... hopefully time slows down a little bit this next few months so we can get her nursery together and get everything we need.

& If anyone has any tips on baby products/things that are useful and we can't live without I am so grateful for all of the advice we can get! We have no idea what we are doing and are just figuring things out as we go along..
So I will update everyone with baby bump pictures and everything baby soon now that we have some time to focus on her & all of the help/support is SO much appreciated! Thanks for everything already this is one of the happiest times of my life and I love that everyone I love is sharing it with us.

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