Monday, August 18, 2014

Idaho Lovin

Well since I have practically forgotten how to blog in the last few months with everything going on..
& Feel like I am never going to catch up on everything going on I have decided I am just going to hit the bigger highlights of what's been going this summer...

A couple of things that I make my  heart light are the warming up of the weather after cold Idaho winters.. and this sweet sweet boy.

Oh and petting deer.. that's pretty awesome too. Unbeknown to me before this day however I must admit. 


The first time I saw Bear World on my way up to school at BYU-Idaho I have to admit that I laughed and thought that it seemed like kind of a funny tourist attraction.

But two years ago when I heard that they would let you pet/feed their baby bear cubs.. oh I have been dying to go.
I mean really how often do you get to pet baby bear cubs without losing a limb?
[I am just not a brave enough soul to find out the answer to that question..]

So before we moved out of Idaho this sweet man of mine, 
who just wasn't quite as thrilled about making a stop in bear world as I had been,
made absolutely sure that I got my picture petting a baby bear cub..
[& Even surprised me by having some fun of his own... I think he was having an extreme internal dilemma about jumping on the back of this deer and riding away..]

This friendly little clothes eating deer was just an awesome bonus/surprise.

& I am already missing all the mountains and fun wildlife... 
There is nothing like getting to take selfies with a doe.

This far away potato state and all of it's outdoorsy adventures have definitely worked their way into my heart.

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