Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"No people come into possession of a culture without having paid a heavy price for it." James A. Baldwin

Okay guys.
 So this weekend was spent with lots of tissues, NyQuil, and Vitamin C..
Therefore we didn't have as many adventures as could have been hoped for.
But fear not.

Today I thought I would share a fun memory that I haven't yet..

So Idaho has definitely opened my eyes up to many things that I definitely had not experienced 
[or ever dreamed I would experience]
before moving here..

There has been a lot more ice..

& Significantly More Potatoes..


& Lots more Wind...
Which to tell you the truth I'm grateful for because..

It has helped me develop skills, talents, and hobbies that I definitely didn't have before..

And it's really not that I've never flown kites.. 
My family gave me the New Mexico kite flying experience nobody fret..
These guys are just good up here.
Pretty much every "Idaho Day" is a good kite flying day.

& my sweet roommate/friend Shelby has gone out of her way to make sure that I have the best 
"Idaho Experience"
Shelb I hope you know how much I love you. & how grateful I am that I've been able to share all of the fun we have together.

So one Sunday [after our kite flying experience]
Shelby took me and our other dear friend Chantal to play with her neighbors 
new baby goats..

None of my neighbors have ever had baby goats before..
& they are so dang cute to watch prance and to cuddle with and hold..

But here's the thing..
They are also extremely loving and friendly.

Maybe even a little too loving and friendly..
It was definitely my most up close and personal experience with a sweet little goat.

& then the best thing ever happened..
We got to milk them!

And that might sound not as exciting to anyone else..
But it's something that i always wanted to do and can I just tell you that I thought it was SO exciting.

I am so grateful for the things that I have been able to see and to learn and the different culture that I have grown to love. 
It's funny how different places in the same country..
[Even the same side of the country]
can be..
& I know that if we will take the time to appreciate the culture of these different places we ourselves will become more cultured and we will make life long friends who will enrich our lives.

Thanks everyone for the sweet messages you send me and the good friends that you are,
I love you very much.

I hope you all had a wonderful President's Day Weekend & are enjoying the short week.

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