Thursday, February 9, 2012

"I have recently taken up two new sports: roller skating and ankle spraining, in that order. I am getting quite good at both." -Miles Kington

So good news..
My laptop battery is just dead [which is much better than my WHOLE laptop dying on me]
& I can use it for small amounts of time now until it stops charging 
[yes, it is weird and probably more than just a battery problem.. but we are going to focus on the fact my computer is ON and working right now and deal with that later :) ]

& that means that I get to share with you my beautiful [cell phone] pictures from this weekend!
[There was a slight concern that even as coordinated as I am I could have put our camera in danger during our festivities]

probably due to my joking around about how once winter comes along our lives consist of dessert, games, and movies
Blake has been quite the little date idea pool lately..

 & this last weekend we went roller skating with our cute friends
and it was such a fun, nostalgic, full of laughter night.
If you're wondering if anything has changed since the 90's.. 
oh it hasn't, so worry no more.


& here we have some more of our dear friends.
Oh wait you can't see them? They are right there.. Those blurry squiggly smudges.
Yeah you're probably right.. my phone camera is not the BEST camera when you are moving..

But look it captures the essence of what people look like really well..
We are just REALLY fast skaters.
Those 8 years olds were sorry they went skating the same night as us.

[I was only slightly concerned that a little girl that came up to my hip was potentially going to school Blake at limbo and it was totally going to ruin his whole skating experience! But luckily for everyone.. games were put into age groups. phew. dodged that bullet]

& here is mister energy himself.
Can I tell you guys the funniest story.. please?

So Blake and I are driving back to Rexburg the next morning for church and I am trying to be quiet so that he can think about the lesson he has to teach in less than an hour.
& finally I can't take it anymore so I say something along the lines of so how are your lessons plans going..
[I can't even exactly remember what I said because his response trumped all my other thoughts]
& Blake is like "oh dangit,
I wasn't even thinking about it I was thinking about last night and all the SWEET tricks I was doing!"

What?! I let him have quiet time for 5 minutes and he is thinking about spinning off of the benches and skating in between peoples legs.

Now other good news..
I have discovered the  most awesome BBQ sandwich recipe taken directly from 

Pulled Pork (Crock Pot)


 Blake declared this to be the best BBQ sandwich he had ever had!
Now he is just very nice about my cooking
This IS a five star 483 person rated recipe..
So I'm sharing it with you.

I hope you love it like we did.
& I hope you guys are having a great week.
Good Night.

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