Tuesday, February 7, 2012

“Lift up your eyes upon. This day breaking for you. Give birth again. To the dream.” -Maya Angelou

So most devastatingly my laptop is broken.
My zipper on my backpack is broken.
The button on my coat even decided today was a good day to become broken off.
Everything is broken...
Why does life decide to break all at once? Could it not see that I am trying to fix the other broken things right now and am a little busy..
And this is adding slight inconvenience in my life actually.. believe it or not

 I am in the library on the school computers writing this to you..
Which means.. I can't download my pictures to my blog.

So I decided today would be a perfect day to announce that in May,
It's I think as official as it can be.
Blake and I will be MOVING about 50 miles outside of this beautiful sight..

Yes the BIG APPLE.
And dang I'm nervous excited.
Blake got a job there for the summer..
[yes just the summer and then west coast we will be coming back because we would miss all of you loved ones way too much]

So right now I am needing to find an internship in the Princeton New Jersey area..
If anyone knows anyone or has any ideas I would be forever indebted  and grateful to you.
[I haven't had a lot of extra time or sanity to be looking as much as I would like to so anything would help]

I hope that all of your Tuesdays and weeks.. and lives have been a little less full of broken..
I love you guys.
Have a good night.

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