Friday, February 3, 2012

"A charming woman is a busy woman". -Loretta Young

SO yes. Yes I know..
I have gone from blogging hero..
[super awesome at keeping my Resolutions]
To blogging zero.

So what could I possibly be doing more important than documenting my life?
I know I know the answer should be that there is absolutely nothing.
But let me tell you.

Taking a full load of classes, trying to plan a wedding, and desperately looking for an internship in New Jersey is definitely taking its toll.

sometimes life is too busy for me.

So once again this is where I have spent much of my time since we have last spoken..

Just studying studying studying.
& making Blake's library experience awesome.. as usual.

Then in my spare time [ha.. ha. do people actually have that?]
I've been working on these little beauties.
 I will say though I've been so happy with how they've been coming out.
I've finished almost all of my bridesmaid bouquets and all of the groomsmen & grooms boutonnieres.
[I'll post more pictures of my hard work if  when they all get finished]

Then I'm pretty sure my sweetheart was inspired as we took our little Jazz trip a couple of weeks ago..

Because this has become a regular part of my routine lately..



These guys are seriously the funniest though. 
[This chair broke and you would never even know that anything had ever happened the way they acted.. or didn't react at all!]
Their team gets a long really well so they are fun to watch..
& they are completely undefeated so far!
[yes they may have only had two games.. who keeps track really]

& Through the stress there are always the sweet things in life that keep you going..

 So if you didn't grow up in the LDS church this might not look familiar to you.. So here is my enlightenment..
This cute little thing here is called heart attacking.
It's where you cut out lots of hearts and write nice things on them and stick them all over someones door to tell them that you love them and then you ring the door bell and run away.
SO sweet right?
Well I probably haven't seen it for a solid five years or so..
& this last week this is what we found on our apartment door.
I love this.

This also.. is beautiful. 


 I won't go as far as to say that I want to live in the wintery weather for longer than I have too..
But it is really pretty sometimes & this particular day really took my breath away walking home.
I am really blessed to be here.

& finally
[I know everyone is probably like okay okay we get it.. you're in love.. stop now]
I can't explain how awesome it is to have a best friend helping you enjoy life and to remind me of the blessings I have when things get stressful.

He always is there to pick me up when I'm down.. & I think that people like that in life make all the difference. 
 I hope you guys had an awesome week and are as excited as I am that it's.. Friday!
 Enjoy your night off and take time to relax,
I know that's what I'll be doing.


  1. Your blog is so cute! I hope to be as talented as you are at blogging someday. You should check mine out and see if you have any suggestions!

    P.S. When are you getting married again?? Glad to see everything is going great for you!

  2. Oh my gosh Kelli you are so sweet.. and your blog is so cute I love it. :)
    I just blog for fun and honestly I'm always surprised at who tells me they read it.. so my [unprofessional] blogging advice is be honest and only blog to the point where you enjoy doing it.. I've hear that it's healthy for you.

    & I'm getting married April 19 at the Salt Lake Temple if you can you should come! Or we are having a reception in Farmington May 26th at my house :)