Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Thought That This Day Would Never Come..

But it DID.. hallelujah.
And it was glorious.
Now I get to share a "graduating class" with my sweet little Brother..
[I definitely didn't see that one coming..]
When we were graduating high school I would always laugh and ask what are you even going to say.. We're the class of.. 12?
Little did I know.. we both would get to be graduates in the class of Twenty-Twelve!
[They made it sound better than I had anticipated it would..]
Thanks for sharing it with me little bro..

[And speaking of my sweet little brother.. haha]
Look at this cake Mitchy surprised me with.
I wouldn't have wanted it decorated any other way from him... funny guy.. this is his way of saying he loves me.

Annnnd.... my sweet family drove all the way up to IDAHO to see me!
Now that's real love..

[However.. I actually don't think this cute guy had to go very far.. ]

But it was soo fun having them in our apartment and with me during this fun night!

And my handsome little brother who didn't actually have to travel this time... but sat through 4 whole hours of this celebration..
[Yes.. I think he may have thought twice about that..]
What a good sport.


& Something that made the night even more special..
[If that's possible.. after all of those long semesters of College..]
Was that I got to graduate with a lot of my Business friends that I went through the program with for the last 3 1/2 years..

I'm sure everyone thinks this about their major but I couldn't believe how fun everyone in the Business program was..
[Even if the program wasn't ALWAYS fun..]
These guys are seriously the best. They have been with me through tears and ice cream and points where we had to actually S TART our OWN BUSINESS together and were ready to rip each others heads off. :)
They have been with me through camping and Business Simulations and countless projects and LATE night Excel problems.. through single life and married life.
[We are missing some of our dear friends.. and I love the ones that haven't graduated/graduated before us just as much too]
But I'm sure going to miss you guys!
Thanks for everything and all the times you had to explain step by step how to do my helped me with homework and the late night emergency phone calls it wouldn't have been the same without you all.

And.. Dun dun duh.. GUESS WHO ELSE CAME!
My supportive in laws.. and my cute niece!
Daphne told her parents when they came to bring her back to Denver that
"Graduation was kind of boring.. but it was VERY important."
 Haha.. If she remembers that about college she is going to do great.

Thank goodness for life and these happy moments.
This is what I live for.

Daphne absolutely loved my tassel.. if you will notice I think she is holding it in every picture.
Then after I walked and got my diploma she asked me to hold her and grabbed my tassel and was like "ohh... I missed this."
Haha she is seriously the funiest.

 I don't know what I would do without all of this perfect family.
They really are the greatest & they get along so well
[thank goodness]
 it's so fun when we can all be together.


 [IEven though after four long hours I'm sure everyone else wasn't feeling this way.. I wish I could graduate more often!]

& Now on to the next stage in my life..
[Waiting for Blake to GRADUATE.. :) just kidding.. kind of]
But this was a good chapter.. I'm glad it's over it happened.
Thanks for everyone who has been so supportive and loving and helped me get here.
[Thanks to my father for your loving financial contribution..and giving me this priceless gift.]
I couldn't have done it alone.

And after almost 17 years.. NO MORE SCHOOL!
[at least for a while..]


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