Thursday, December 27, 2012

Glad Tidings of Great Joy

Are you ready for some extremely AWESOME news?!
Welll this is my cute future MISSIONARY Brother!
Holding his MISSION CALL...
He [along with all of the rest of us..] sure has been waiting to find out where he is going to be spending the next two years of his life..
& When in the world he gets to start this great journey..

After dilligently checking the mail, making phone calls,
waiting for some good friends to come over..
[And calming some of Mitchys nerves and hands shaking of excitement..]

He opened it...
AND just guess where this handsome grown up guy is going!?
He is goint to Buenos Aires ARGENTINA!!
& leaves on his adventure in May...
So guess who is going to be learning Spanish over the next few months?!
Mitchell I seriously couldn't be more proud of you..
You are going to be the best Missionary..
And I know you are going to be so blessed for your willingness to serve the Lord and the people of Argentina..
Congratulations you awesome little brother you.

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