Saturday, December 22, 2012

O' Christmas Tree O' Christmas Tree

So Blake and I made a very important decision this year for Christmas..
Neither of us had ever actually cut down a real tree, and we decided that this was going to be the year to give it a try..

[Wow.. how do you ever say no to that handsome face.. he melts my heart.]
So, doing it the old fashioned way, we loaded up our AXE and my sweet father in law let us borrow his truck and we were on our way to our Christmas Adventure.
After getting our ten dollar tree permit.. and driving in search of the perfect mountain..
[Blake was seriously ready to climb Mt Everest.. but let me ask you..
has anyone ever climbed Mt Everest with an axe and a tree?
Yeah.. probably not.. and I was not about to be the first..]
We finally found what we thought was THE mountain.
& Let me just tell you I had definitely been picturing hundreds of perfect Christmas Trees in fields..
[Probably because that is the way you see them when you BUY real trees..]
So I couldn't believe how all of these trees had their own "personalities" and were not really not full.. or were entirely too large for our cozy little apartment...
And believe it or not..  when we saw this crooked branch missing tree..
We were in love.

However little did we know until Blake had chopped down that tree with all of his strength and muscles..
 That you are probably not supposed to "top" trees...
[yes I know what you are thinking.. what kind of first time tree chopping people are we..]
& For those of you who also didn't know this.. apparently you have to cut down the tree from the very bottom of the trunk and not in the middle..
Seriously.. who does that.
Now here's the question.. what if the bottom of the trunk doesn't have any branches?
Either way topped tree or not.. it was ours our and I loved it.
Then as we left.. happy as ever after our day trek through the woods..
We seriously SLID off of the road into the ditch...
can you say crap awesome.
Luckily there are some really good people in this world.. a couple of which drove all the way down the mountain to come pull us out and save our LIVES.
[Or at least.. our morning..]
& I just want to say how grateful I am for people like that who are willing to put others ahead of what they are doing and genuinely  love and help.
Those are the people I pray to grow up to be like.

Anyway after we were saved..
I decided that even if this year we may have a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.. this is a pretty awesome Christmas tradition.
& It made for a really fun festive feeling weekend.

And I have to say.. that after we put on the ribbons, decorations, lights, and a new tree skirt that little guy up cleaned up pretty well.
I wish I would have taken a picture.. maybe once we are back in Idaho after Christmas I will try to enlighten the world with it's beauty.
I hope everyone is having fun celebrating this most wonderful time of year..
& Loving being on CHRISTMAS BREAK..  because there is nothing better than that.
Happy Saturday my loved ones.



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