Friday, November 30, 2012

& Today I Became Best Friends With a Turkey

Seriously there is nothing in the Fall time better than going to the Pumpkin Patch..

[Or blogging about the pumpkin patch nigh unto December.. am I right?]

Except maybe getting to go to the pumpkin patch with your favorite friends..

These are our dear friends Kelly and Adam, they are quite literally some of the funniest people I have ever been blessed to meet.

It seems like no matter what we are doing we always come home after our dates with my stomach hurting and talking about how much fun we had.

AND this date became especially special when I was able to also  become best friends with pet a real live Turkey!

Yeah..In my world I think that really takes the cake. 

The last time I saw a live Turkey it was literally chasing me around a field while I was yelling back at it how it didn't understand the food chain.
SO when I saw this Turkey I was a little shook up from my [over two years ago] last turkey experience and I was a little wary of this bird.

But before I knew we had warmed up to each other it I was ready to take this bird home..
Blake and I seem to attract stray animals.. what do you think that even mean?

Maybe that we have exerted some great self control not having a pet yet? Or maybe that I am full of pet laziness?

Anyway.. once I got over my weird Turkey obsession moment..
We were able to focus on the real reason we were at this pumpkin patch..
To Find The BIGGEST and greatest pumpkins in the whole PATCH.

To find the GREAT PUMPKIN. 


& You know what.. ladies and gentlemen I think these pumpkins exceeded my expectations..
We found FOUR great [BIG, HUGE] pumpkins,

[Blake showed off one of his many talents.. Balancing on the cart with the Pumpkins.. what a dare devil.]

Kelly and Adam found a pumpkin SNOWMAN,
[& that is why of course it makes sense to blog about this before Christmas]

We found Albino Pumpkins,

And warted pumpkins..
[pumpkin/gourd same thing right?]
Kelly was trying to convince the worker that the squash was of course a pumpkin since we were in a pumpkin patch
... so that night.. we went with it.. everything was a pumpkin.

Oh yeah and did I say that I got over my weird Turkey obsession.?
[I think I was lying joking..]
I just could not stop being such a Turkey hog I'm sorry Kelly and Adam I interrupted your sweet Turkey moment and didn't even realize it!
[Someone get me away from that disease holding bird.. what is wrong with me..]

But anyway..
After our cute pumpkin adventure and all of our findings Kelly and Adam were so sweet and made us gourmet dinner and we taught them what passing the pigs is all about... 
[& if anyone else has any questions about how great pass the pigs is I'm sure Blake would just love to give a preview of how into that game you can get..]
Thanks for being such fun dates/friends guys.. we love you and are so grateful that you keep agreeing to go out with us and making us laugh.
Life just wouldn't be as fun without you.

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