Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Big Twenty-TWO

Where in the world is time going?!
Fortunately as much as it is getting less and less fun to age..
Birthdays are just one of my favorite things.
And I think that is only because I have such wonderful sweet people who really go the extra mile to make it special and make me feel loved.

I feel like I can't say Thank You enough everyone! My Birthday was absolutely PERFECT this year and I pray that at some time in your lives I can make you all feel as loved as I have felt from you..
I felt like my Birthday lasted forever this go around..
Starting last Saturday..
When my sweet old roommates and friends threw me the cutest Birthday/Halloween Party!
[YES. it is already snowing here..]
Blake and I went as an "Elderly" Couple because I thought that it would be fun to have pictures of us dressed up old when we really are old..
& Because as I watched Blake eat his celery [yes.. I hate celery.. but it seemed like a cute 80 year old thing to do] and fixed his cute little bow tie I knew we were supposed to be old together..
I love you sweetheart.
& We won SECOND place in the costume contest!
[They knew how to make OUR night..]
This is actually my other cute roommate and her new husband.. who won FIRST.. and got quite a bit of grief from us..
But I have to admit their costumes were cute
[& ORIGINAL.. that.. is the point that won them, and lost us the game haha..]
They are a camper and a roasting marshmellow!

Our DELICIOUS tombstone/graveyard cake made by Elana..
[You may not believe this.. but I have to throw it out there.. this whole graveyard creepy Halloween theme is more common on my Birthday than it isn't.. weird.. I know.. haha my family even celebrates "Haileyween"]

Then Sunday my Bingham Family threw me a sweet party..
Complete with DELICIOUS dinner & cake..

Cute Presents..

OF COURSE.. pickles!

& Some good ol' Family Pumpkin Carving..
[I LOVE you guys so much!]
Then Tuesday my "Birthday Eve" Aubrey and Justin and Dave and Gaby whom I am vowing to get more pictures of..
Came over bringing presents, candy, cookies, and good company to cheer me up from one ROUGH day at school..
Just because they are great friends.

& FINALLY on my ACTUAL Birthday.. Blake woke me up with Flowers & Breakfast in bed..
[Please ignore the awesome picture of me just waking up.. grosss]


& My cute Aubrey taped all of these BALLOONS in a bag covering our door so they fell on me first thing in the morning..
I felt like I had just won the Lottery.
Then Blake and My Family SPOILED me to death with Presents..
[But once again.. right when I got out of bed.. not cute.. so just use your imagination.. they were nice]

And after I got all of my schooling done for the day we got to go spend $400 dollars of giftcards on House Stuff..
Yes. That is my kind of heaven.. what a sweet good sport of a husband through all of these pots and pan, hand mixers, salad spinners, waffle makers.. and good things..

And once we got home from our long day of school and shopping adventures we did something I'd wanted to forever..
[HERE is the link if you want to try it yourselves!]
Then.. My brother came over and my CUTE family skyped for an hour and a half.
[I will say.. that I wish everyone I loved lived all together.. I really was missing some good friends and family through all of this.]
& Since I was exhausted all partied out Blake got me my favorite Halloween movie, Sixth Sense and let us relax and pass out candy
[oh.. and pig out on ice cream.. and you wonder why married people gain weight.. eugh.]
 for the rest of the night..


 Guys.. Heres to Another Year Just Like the Last One.
I wouldn't change a thing.
Thank you for the sweet cards, texts, facebook messages, presents, hugs, and everything else.
You guys really have melted my heart and made me feel like a princess today.
THANK YOU.. for being more than I could ever ask for..
I pray that someday you'll know how much it means to me, how much I LOVE you, and I can make you feel even a little part of how you all make me feel..
Growing Older isn't so bad with the right people beside you.
Happy Halloween.. I hope you all had a great one!

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