Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oh Denver

Remember how everyone tells you the best horror stories about having inlaws before you get married?
And how they tell you you're in for a treat, and to just wait, and sweet stories you could not try not to ever imagine?
Well I think those people must not know THIS cute family.
But really.. I never imagined anyone would be as sweet and supportive as they have been..
So moral of the story..
hope for the worst, imagine how terrible things could be, look at the glass half empty..
& then hopefully you'll never be disappointed.
[[ha. yeah just kidding guys don't do that.]]
Nic, Kirsten, Daphne, and new baby Ari let us come play with them for a whole weekend in Denver on our way home after Nauvoo..
And man [do I sure wish we lived closer] did we have fun.

Kirsten and her sweet friend Melanie took us on a little adventure tour of
Hammonds Candy Factory..
Where we learned how to make Candy Canes and other delicious looking treats.

And since this whole AUNT thing is very new to me I was just in heaven despite what we were doing..

Daph let us take her to the park and showed us the ropes at home..
[Taught us to play doctor, helped us work on our coloring skills, showed us just what it really means to sing and dance, caught us up on the Camp Fred movie  she thought we had been missing out on..] 

And this little guy was just really busy being terribly cute.

I can't imagine two sweeter, cuter kids..
They completely stole my heart and I wanted to stay and play with them forever.
[Do nieces and nephews just have that affect on people.. is that why people love them so much?]

& I have to just share this sweet story really fast.
Daph was sitting on my lap in church the morning that we were leaving and she told me that she was going to miss me and I hadn't heard her..
So she turns back and looks at me real seriously like I was in trouble and asks,
"Are you going to miss me too!?"
So I laughed and was like yes of course I'm going to miss you!
And Daphne says, "GOOD because I'm going to miss you SO much!
[as she jumps up and screams in the middle of sacrament]
[Completely melt my heart and convince me to move to Denver?]
I love YOU so TALL Daph.

[& This is a little bit of a delayed post]
But Nic, Kirsten, Daphne, & Ari.
I sure LOVE you guys, thanks for being so awesome.
I'm counting down the days until Thanksgiving!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday Everyone.

lets pray we get through the rest of this crazy week..
[&  oh yeah.. no I haven't slept yet in the last 24 hours because my crazy amounts of homework,
So if this blog doesn't make sense.. be patient with me
while I sell my soul to my degree..]

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