Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Trip Back Home and Beautiful Nauvoo

Man alive, my friends.. I can not believe how hard it has been to keep up with life lately.
I feel like my homework and my list of things to do getting settled and going through gifts and figuring out everything we have and still need.. is never going to end.
[And boy guys can I just say we feel SO blessed..
Thank you so much
for the support I can't tell you how much we needed it and appreciated everything everyone has been doing for us since we have gotten married.. LOVE you guys.]
But anyway moral of the story I am just.. behind.
I wish I had more time to keep everyone updated.
I'm just going to have to take it like I'm taking all of our other million things to do..
One day at a time.

So our trip to our honeymoon, our honeymoon, and our trip out to the east coast was very exciting and eventfilled and EXPENSIVE..

So we decided to limit our stops on the way back to the West AND we thought we would enjoy the end of summer and save a little money by making use of our new present.
So we camped on the Mississippi River.

One of the stops that we decided we HAD to make was to the beautiful Nauvoo.
& The morning after we got there we got to get up early and go visit this temple.
For those of you who don't know anything about Nauvoo this is t replica of the temple the olden day pioneer built in the 1840's.
And it is absolutely breathtaking I think.

Then we had a chance to visit Carthage and the Carthage Jail where they held the prophet Joseph Smith until a mob broke in and ended his life.

They kept him here under absolutely no real charges..

And we got to spend time in the room Joseph and his brother, Hyrum, were killed/martered in.
I can't even describe the experience of being here after you listen to everything and once you really know how great of men these were you can't help but cry or be moved.
It was an experience that I am so greatful for.

This is a bullet hole through the bedroom door that one of the mob members shot.

I know have said this before but I just feel like it's important.. 
A lot of people think that the Mormons worship Joseph Smith..
and we don't we worship God and His son Jesus Christ.
[So yes.. this question comes up a lot too.. we are Christian]

However we believe Joseph Smith was an amazing man.. and he was/is. And he was killed for his convictions..
And with all of my heart I believe that he was a prophet of God, and I am so grateful for his life and that he was faithful enough to give it so that I can have all of that I have now.

 This gospel is beautiful.
& I am astounded at how amazing some of these people who have lived on this earth.

I think everyone is so lucky to have such great people to look up to.

& I am grateful for the special experiences in life that motivate you and keep you going and strong in what you believe because
I think that someone who knows and lives what they believe is a person you should hang on to in your life.

I sure love you all and hope that life is not running you over like it has been me!
Maybe one day before I graduate I'll figure out how to keep up with homework.
Have a great afternoon & wonderful Thursday my loved ones.

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