Monday, September 17, 2012

This One is For You My Little Marah..

Oh hello my sweet family and friends.
Who never give up on me as busy as life gets.. & just keep on caring.
You are the reason my world goes around. 
I really can't tell you how grateful I am to have such wonderful people in my life.

So lets get back to this whole life documenting/remembering/sharing business then shall we...

So the last weekend living in New Jersey we saved a couple of special trips for the end..
This one in particular was a promise we made to my cute little sister..
If anyone can already tell where this is.. 
you will definitely be welcomed into our family.

That's right.. We took a little trip out to Jersey City to see..
The Cake Boss!

And SURPRISE we got to see lots of cute cakes..
But be prepared we also got there at SEVEN in the morning and it was packed..
When I was looking up where it was and everything it said the wait was on average  
2 hours long!

Luckily we didn't have to wait that long to explore all of the creations..

 However this was as close to Buddy as WE ever got.
The cake decorating room is downstairs from his the bakery [I believe].. and I'm not sure how often anyone gets to actually visit down there..
But from what I saw it didn't seem like you get to meet him very often there.
He is one busy cake makin man..

But we had so much fun fulfilling our promise and seeing how the television show [that's on at my family's house every day].. came to be.


There were definitely less elaborate cakes than I was expecting.. But there is no denying
 this man has got talent.

And we got a little "taste" of what makes up a big cake business.. literally.

Then we bought this CUTE little cake to bring back to my little Marah and were so excited to make her day..
&.. unfortunately on our week journey back across the country it melted completely a little bit before we got it back..
Hope you still enjoyed the box and the taste of it all mixed together Mar! Maybe someday you'll get to try a more beautiful one.. we sure love you!

Okay.. now I have posted these once before.. 
but I can't get over how dang talented my 14 year old sister really is..

So.. moral of my story.
The Cake Boss was definitely a fun little stop if you're in the neighborhood,
 don't you get me wrong you sweet little cake lovers.
But personally I was more impressed with my cute sister's cupcakes..
Watch out world.. 
The next famous cake store is happening in New Mexico.

Happy Monday everyone!
I'm going to try my hardest to be the best blog catcher upper in the world this week..
[that's right i said the world..]
Pretty high expectations I know..but I won't let you down.

love you all.

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