Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Saving the Best for Last.

SO basically ever since I found out that we could.. possibly.. ever.. have the slightest chance of living by New York City..
[& yes. probably way before I knew it was a realistic desire as well..]
I have been dying to go to a Broadway Play.

So here is the last time we are going to be able to be in New York in a while..
And we are finally attempting to bite the bullet and make going to one of these wonderful plays a reality..

Now lets talk about how NYC is glamorized a little bit..
[Not that we didn't absolutely love it.. because I was even surprised at how much we did]
But one of those things they don't tell you is..
The Subway is really hot.. and kind of smells like Pee..
[yeah gross.. I know.. but I'm breakin it to ya hard]
The second thing you really don't realize until it's a real part of your life..
Broadway Plays cost about as much as a SMALL HOUSE.
[Okay.. maybe a little bit of an exaggeration..]
It's like 200 dollars for a ticket!
And for a poor.. newly married.. college student..
That's just insane.
Luckily however they have Broadway "Lottery"
[yes litterally it's called that]
& You can put your name into a drawing and if they draw your name you can get like 25-30 dollar tickets!

What they don't tell you is that you have about as good of a chance of getting drawn as in the REAL lottery..
There are hundreds.. thousands.. everyone in the world..
Of people who also believe the ticket prices are crazy..

So your odds could be better..
But who isn't dying to see Wicked on Broadway..
So we figured that we might as well try right because that is the only way we are getting in..

Yes this is what a girl would look like who just got all of her hopes and dreams CRUSHED in New York City.. 

So as I am holding back my tears..
And Blake seems to be feeling bad that I am so heart broken..
[& then sometime later..]
We decide to HAVE to make a Plan B.

Yeah that's right we aren't going to let anyone knock us down our last day in the city..
So I bet you don't have any guesses to what we finally decided on..

Of course..
Mary Poppins! 

The tickets were only 40 dollars vs. a couple of hundred..
Which was still kind of an investment for us but we justified that we wouldn't be back for a while..
& I felt like the happiest person on the world.

And really.. this play was worth every penny.
It was fantastic.

The acting was absolutely perfect.
& SO fun..
And just in case you didn't notice.. to your left Bert is WALKING on the wall..

Then for the Grand Finale Mary Poppins FLYS over the crowd!
It seriously was so cool..
Everything seemed so real and I was absolutely on cloud 9 every second of this play.

Even Blake when it was all over said that he was reluctant (or maybe the word is more indifferent) to go because he thought it would be boring..
[what?! anyone in the world doesn't want to go to a Broadway Play!?]
& He said that he even LOVED it!
I am already counting down the days until we get to go to another one..
What an amazing experience. I can't even believe still that we were blessed enough to be able to go.
& With the last thing checked off our Bucket List we were ready to close this chapter of our New York Adventure and head home.
Also guys.. I know I said I'd be the best in the WORLD blogger..
I was setting my sights a little high I believe haha
With my 7 classes, 18 credits, and us in the middle of moving into our apartment things have been so hectic..
So here is my new promise I PROMISE to do the very best I can to be entertaining as often as I can.
I hope you all are having a WONDERFUL week that is slightly less hectic than ours.
Good night my loved ones.

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  1. Those pictures you put up on here are amazing! They look 3D! That is so cool that you got to go to a Broadway play! Lucky ducks! :)