Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Life is a Beautiful Thing..

So I'm not really sure if this is gross... or inappropriate..
But this was probably one of the most eye opening beautiful things I've ever seen.

Before we could move in to our appartment we got to stay with my sweet in laws for a few weeks..
And along with it being nice coming home to them and seeing them more often I feel so blessed that we were here for this BIG event..
One night when we were about to go to bed.. their sweet little Yorkie dog Cozy.. started giving BIRTH to her puppies.

I know that the whole birthing process kind of has the idea of being gross..
But seriously.. Have you guys ever seen how miraculous it is that babies are completely developed and come out of their mother.. alive..and cute..
[mm.. kind of cute.. cute once they are cleaned off..]

And with dogs it is absolutely amazing they know exactly how to cut the umbylical cord and clean them and take care of them..
Cozy is not even a year old and she is having puppies.. and she is a wonderful mother.
Seriously.. life is amazing.

It's moments like this at 2 in the morning waiting for these puppies to come..
That I just think it's so obvious that all of this was created by God..
Life is too beautiful and too intricate and too amazing for me to understand other theories..
And I am so grateful for these sweet moments that I get to be a part of..
What a blessing.. and an eye opener for me.
We are so lucky to be here, alive, breathing, and with all of the conveniences around us.
I hope today you can see the beauty in things.
We talked about the Pure in Heart in church on Sunday
& Blake said that his Mission President taught that
The pure in heart can see God in everything..
How wonderful would the world be if we all could be like that..
I know that's my goal for today.. and everyday..
And I hope today that your life is uplifted by doing that as well.
I love you guys.

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