Monday, October 22, 2012

We're going to.. Jackson.. Look out Jackson Town.

Boy am I just behind guys or what..
& These pictures and 'stories to remember' are just piling up on me..
So before we left New Jersey Blake and I got one of our favorite presents..
[as you have already seen]..
Our Tent!
& We thought before it got too dang cold here in Idaho..
[Because let me tell you boy.. does it get cold..]
We HAD to go on a camping trip!

Blake is so cute when it comes to camping..
It's "his job" to do everything.
And he is so good at it.. I love him.. and love his camping skills.
So he packed up our tin foil dinners,

And then we BARELY squeezed into our dear friends,
Dave and Gaby's, car..
Isn't it nice they let us just stuff their car to the brim..

 And I do mean to the brim..
We barely could fit ourselves.
[We are prepared campers]
But we FIT hallelujah and after a looong day of school we were on our way..
Unfortunately.. as it seems to do quite often..
School cut into our fun camping time..
SO by the time we got there we had time to eat, set up camp, and...
The marshmellows OBVIOUSLY were not very happy about being eaten..
I've never seen such a grumpy face on a marshmellow.

But after we overlooked the emotional marshmellows and time school interfered with our fun,
 It sure was nice to unwind with our friends..

 & Have a little bit of a break from the world.

Now here is my serious question to all of you..
Have you ever been woken up by a HERD OF COWS?!
Because if you have I want to hear how awesome it was for you..
I was slightly excited..
[okay.. yeah..ecstatic..]

And what was just hillarious to me was how absolutely terrified these cows were of me us.
When we woke up they were like ON TOP of our tent I thought we were going to get trampled.
We opened the tent door we were just a few feet away from these cute little cows..
& Just by the time I grabbed the camera they were sprinting away..

So just imagine how happy they were when I decided I wanted to PET ONE..
Needless to say.. these cows are like lightening fast.. which one [such as myself] would not expect and it didn't happen..

So after our exciting wake up call..
Blake went to starting the fire and being manly.. and helping take care of the breakfast and camping stuff..
I watched.. and took pictures.. and had just a grand morning cheering him on.

Oh and there is our best friend David Bowen!
I didn't even realize how TERRIBLE of a job I did of taking pictures of our sweet friends.. but they were definitely here being just great and a part of all of this that you see..
Hopefully my photography skills will improve next camping trip..

oh yes.
And that is our lovely tent.. that inspired a new desire for our outdoor endeavors.

Then after a delicious breakfast made by our friends we decided to spend the afternoon in Jackson Hole.

I've been here a few times with my family and this was the part that I remembered most
[This and the Ripleys Believe it or Not Museum.. If you have money definitely go see it if you can it's SO interesting]
So we made sure to stop at the Antler Arch Park..
[Where obviously way too many elk were sacrificed..]

It is SO funny to me how different the West and the East Coast are for being in the same country..
Because we definitely didn't see anything like this this summer..
But I definitely felt 'back at home' this weekend..

And then we just played around with everything we could find that was
"In the Budget"
Haha and sometimes to me that is the most fun 'playing' there is..

And THERE is our cute friend Gaby..
Who is pregnant and due in March!
I think that we probably wore our sweet pregnant friend out a little bit but she was quite the good sport..

& There is my sweet husband who is definitely a character..

I haven't exactly figured out WHAT character yet..

But he definitely makes life a lot more fun.
This is basically how I feel every morning when I wake up to him.
I'm one lucky girl.
And when we got back to camp..
I was DELIGHTED to see that the cows had returned!
I decided to try again to pet them before we left..
I gave it a good.. RUN.. I'd say..
But those cows were just not being very agreeable..
Maybe someday..
[Perhaps the same day that I can convince Blake that we need to go cow tipping..]
Then after another fun night, tin foil dinners, frisbee and girl talk, &.. oh yeah some introducing us to Slender Man in the dark mountains..
We had to head back to life..
But I sure am grateful for good friends and weekends away.
I'm can't wait for next summer when we can go again.
My friends I hope that you all are doing great,
I sure have been missing you.
& Hope that I'll be better at keeping in touch.. and you all updated on life.
Have a Wonderful Monday!

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