Thursday, August 2, 2012

& Who Says Being Married is Less Fun..

Let me just give you an idea of what happens when you are saving money..

You luckily get to stay in places that give you faces like these..

Since us and all of our friends are poor college students we decided to save money on our trip and all of us would pitch in and share a hotel room..
Then when we got there.. and were terrified by the classiness of this high dollar place..

[I'm not quite sure this beautiful picture does it justice.. ]
Our door had a hole from being.. punched maybe?
There were signs by the doors suggesting we lock and dead bolt our doors for our personal safety..
Our bathroom light also.. luckily.. did not work so we [now lucky for real that we brought this..] used a flash light to get ready for bed and then in the morning..
haha.. oh boy.

What did we get ourselves into?!

 Then when it was OBVIOUS that no normal day to day citizen deserved to sleep a night on that floor..
We decided to push the beds together and have a 6 person sleepover..
[VERY appropriately might I add.. 
with wife husband husband wife wife husband.. so there was no unwanted cuddling..]

& it ended up being SO fun..
We stayed up late laughing about the fact that we were in this situation.. and talking about life.. and the summer.. 
And although I don't think it was quite what anyone had in mind originally.. it was like an ultimate high school sleepover..
That we definitely would not have found appropriate in high school or before we got married..
Dang.. does marriage and good friends make life so much better. 

Thanks guys for making a bad questionable situation into a fun memory.. 
Blake and I are grateful for you every day.

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