Thursday, August 9, 2012

We Had Serious Plans..

& None of those serious plans worked out..
We were late.. [for once.. oh.. ever.. of course ;) ]
The train was late.. [how dare it be late on the day we wanted to be late..]
Then [surprise surprise] we didn't know where we were going..

And needless to say.. we just did not make it
Then to make the most of our day since we had traveled out to the city..

We made new plans..
& Brace yourself because boy do these new plans hold some devastating news for those of us who like Madagascar..
[But more on that later]

We got to go to the Central Park Zoo!
[Because my husband is a sweetheart.. and I had been really hoping we would get to go before the summer was over..]

Oh yeah please ignore how we are dripping with sweat.. and gross..
New York City was only 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.. with only 150% humidity at least. 
[Boy do I miss my dry dessert home some days]
& You may never believe this.. but before we got here my hair was down and cute.. humidity is wonderful.

So yes this may be the most expensive zoo you will ever go too..
I'm here to save you some grief by finding this out yourself..
There is NO Alex the Lion, There is NO Marty the Zebra, There is NO Melman the giraffe, There is NO Gloria the hippo..
And in FACT there are no lions, zebras, giraffes, and hippos AT ALL!
Everything I've seen in movies is a LIE.

My mom tried to comfort me and tell me it was because they all ran away..
& I am choosing to believe Madagascar did not completely lead me astray and shatter my world and that is the case..

Luckily there were some Penguins..
[AND more lucky than getting to see the penguins.. their habitat was Air Conditioned.. That made them the favorite animal of the day hands down..]

I tried to teach Blake how to be a [obviously very attractive open mouth screaming..] penguin..
But he wouldn't even try to waddle..

He proved himself to be a very nice [cute looking] seal though..
So I of course I forgave him..
& accepted that everyone must just be good to be different things..

Yes these sweet seals WERE located exactly where Alex the Lion should have been..
[& NO.. I am not bitter..]

Luckily.. since it wasn't humid enough today.. they had the Tropical Zone Rainforest Exhibit..
Don't you ever think that it can't be more humid

They definitely had some very beautiful birds however, probably thanks to the humidity..

 As well as some louder angry ones..

& These pretty things we didn't give the attention they deserved.. until we read that they were in a FRAGILE existence..
[We weren't sure if that meant close to extinct? But we decided to be sympathetic just the same.]

I decided that if I were in a fragile existence.. I would definitely want someone to sympathize with me..

So that is just what we decided to do.

This is a red panda obviously..
[& yes.. I said panda not raccoon..]

& This was the cute baboon with a behind that was the color of his pink mouth that you can see.. I thought it was SO cute.. haha
Blake accidentally took a picture of the wrong side.

 Then this sweet Polar Bear bless his heart..
Was I think hotter than we were.
We had to pass by his exhibit a couple of times before he would come out from inside the air conditioned part of this exhibit.. poor thing.

And yes.. after this beautiful fellow that I pray someday I will get to see in the wild.
I have basically shown you the whole exhibit believe it or not.


It wasn't quite the San Diego Zoo..
But it was definitely way fun.
& I got so lucky and married this man who seems to make me laugh and happy even when I am melting through our plan B of the day.

Also how crazy is it that there is a ZOO.. right in the middle of the city.
That is definitely a sight you don't see everyday..

Then Blake and I had been wanting to fly kites in Central Park.. so that was our next destination.
[How cute and happy does this guy look.. :) This smile melts my heart.]


And then when the wind died down.. We decided we were ready for a nap in Central Park..

[Which being from the South West.. that sounds weird.. but check out that guy in the left corner.. Napping is the thing to do here.. who would have known.]

Then once we were feeling a little more awake we headed downtown to Stone Street
 [by Wall Street.. if you're ever wanting to find it yourself]
Where a kind New Yorker showed us to this AMAZING New York Style Pizza restaurant..

If you're ever in New York City I dare you to try it..
[We could afford it.. which is saying something.. and.. it's dang good.]

Then when we were done with dinner we were going to see the Empire State Building,
& when we got about TWO buildings down from it..
Out of nowhere it started POURING..
[& if you're wondering no the Empire State Building is not covered.. plan accordingly.. :) ]

So once again..
So much for plans.
But you know what.. sometimes days when your plans don't work out they turn out to be even more fun.
& I can't tell you how grateful I was for just a day with my husband.. with work lately it's very rare to have a day to ourselves..
What a blessing in disguise.

Happy Thursday Everyone.
I sure love you all.

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