Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rain Rain Don't Go Away.. We Loved Going to Work Late and Playing Today

So last Friday I got to work..
And probably was met with the best.. rainiest day.. ever.
And by rain I mean.. just pouring like nothing I've ever seen before.

[Now are you wondering if I'm reffering to this rain as the best was the best because it meant I got to be romantic with my cute husband in the downpour? Because oh yeah.... that definitely didn't hurt my opinion of the rain.. haha]

And since we all work for a big sales company and the salesmen, and woman, have to knock outside..
It meant they couldn't work until it passed over!
[The same feeling as a SNOW day.. but.. in this case we got a RAIN day!]


Are you also wondering if I.. as an office manager/intern should have been working since obviously I manage the OFFICE inside?!

Oh yeah.. you guys always seem to wonder the right things..

And the answer unfortunately is probably.. yes..
But my boss was a saint and let me go hang out with my husband while he had a morning off!

[And.. I just need to explain we NEVER get time off.. ever.. it rains all the time here, this here was a torrential down pour, and yet.. I am STILL amazed that we got work off..
If you want an awesome summer on the east coast of lots of sight seeing, fun friends, no sleep or extra time, and to be a work aholic.. this is the job for you.]

So since there was no working for a few hours we all decided the most logical thing to would be to put our swimming suits on and go play volley ball in the park in the rain!

& Of course after our logical decision we get to the park and it is absolutely clear..
Except for the muddy run off from the rain that has flooded the park..
So that obviously means..
We must celebrate  this once in a summer experience of not being at work.

& It was so fun/funny..
There were parts of this water that were so deep that the guys were litterally doing the breaststroke accross..
& Everyone was cannonballing and DIVING into this giant puddle..
I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I saw all of the kids in the park walking by and taking pictures of us on their phones!

We then invited them to come play..
but  I guess they were just really busy..
[because.. really now.. who doesn't like to splash in puddles..]

We literally played hours of mud water splashing/mud water diving/ mud water throwing volleyball..

[This was at the end of those hours if you can't tell.. all of the excitement completely wore us all out.]

But don't worry playing [rather than working] seems to bring second winds..
& We got to have a few more water fights and water competitions before we had to reassume our life.. and jobs.. and those kinds of grown up things..

[Alex definitely wins the "most happy to not be at work award" haha I've never seen such a happy man]

And yes..  that is most definitely Blake drowning me in really clean puddle water..
He just really loves me.
But thank goodness for the little moments that help us keep going through the harder parts of life..

I hope everyone is having a great week.
Love you guys.
Happy Thursday!

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