Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rough'n It..

So we are definitely ready for Real Life again..
[schedules.. and seeing each other.. and eating before ten..]
Don't get me wrong.. we feel extremely blessed every day to be out here and experiencing the other side of the country.
But our jobs are just exhausting.. and everything has been so hectic and busy.. these last few weeks we have been reminiscing on weekends and relaxing Sundays..
& As I was looking at our book lists and comparing prices I started getting so excited to be learning again..
[When I am stressed out with school in a month or two.. quote this back to me and don't let me complain about homework..]


But anyway..
Since these last few weeks have been probably the hardest to get through..
I planned a little surprise date for my cute husband to lift our spirits..
[Oh yes.. and this date went late into the night since we don't get off of work until like.. 10.. haha so even thought we were both exhausted the next day, dates are definitely worth it]

So any guesses on what all of this is for?!

Yes. Blake and I got to have a little Camp Out in the Living Room!
[We didn't realize our tent was as big as it was.. it took up the whole room and we were lovin it!]

At work they gave all of the sales reps what they called P Cash.. but it was like a "point or money system" so that they could save up and get what they wanted for free!
And one of the things on Blake's List was a tent and sleeping bags for us so that we could go camping!
So I thought we might as well test em out before we took them out in the real wilderness!

This is the proud husband after setting up our tent..
[oh yeah.. I waited for him to come home to set it up.. haha one big perk of being married.. is you have a man that likes doing things for you now.. so my motto is just let him. You will both be happier. ]
& While he was setting it up I got to barbequing..

So we chowed down on hot dogs and hamburgers, 
[And ate all of our working sorrows away.. :)  ]

&Then once we got everything all ready in their I had another surprise for Blake..

His favorite candy! & I Red Box'd Mirror Mirror because we had been laughing that they were making two Snow Whites and we wanted to know which one would be better..
[& This one I think is better than you'd think it would be.. Blake would probably be better to ask seeing as I may have fallen asleep right there at the end.. darnit.]
& Then we got to cuddle and love our tent all night as I lit candles every where and played nature sounds haha and pretend we were camping for real and that we didn't have to go to work in the morning..

[I write this however.. on our LAST day of work out here! So I really shouldn't be complaining.. just ignore me..]
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and that the first week of school was everything you'd ever dreamed it would be!

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  1. I cannot WAIT until I'm married so I can do fun things like that! (: You are too cute and I love you both so so much! I'm so glad you made your last work day a good one (:
    Can't wait to see your beautiful faces when I come home!!!