Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball GAME..

Oh.. Good ol' Philly..

Has brought us some fun memories..
& yes some HOT sunny days..
[We are like RIGHT in the middle of NYC and Philadelphia.. about an hour from each]

& Last weekend.. our work was SO KIND.. as to buy us Phillies tickets.. 
AND to let Blake see his FIRST Major League Baseball Game!

Luckily.. he LOVED being there and [seemed.. to..] love the game.
& although I've seen the Rockies play a couple times I had a blast too..
There is definitely something about the atmosphere of a baseball game that just.. makes you happy to be there and be alive.

&.. dun dun duh..
They won!
[oh yeah.. and the game wasn't even close.. haha but it's okay.. it's still fun to watch the home team win.. They were playing the AZ firebirds.. and there was a large group of kids cheering the whole time for the Yankees..
So we figured as long as the Yankees didn't win.. it was a good game]

As for our other past Philadelphia adventures..
[This was the time our camera was temporarily out of order so.. bear with our [[NOT smart]] Phone Pictures]

We took a tour guided/mostly self guided tour of historical Philadelphia on our day off at the beginning of the summer..
And we were able to see where the Founding Fathers congregated,

Their Court Room,
& I learned that they used to stand in that little fenced in box in the middle of the room.. and that's why they still say you STAND before the jury!
Because you used to have actually stand..
Cool.. huh.

And we just saw where the CONSTITUTION was signed..
Not.. really a big deal or anything of course..
& That chair in the very back is called the rising sun chair (named by Benjamin Franklin in symbolizing the rising of the country.. is my interpretation... )
& Was George Washington's ACTUAL chair..

Everyone around the Historical Sites were dressed up as people from the 1800's and I lovved it because it really added to the whole historical atmosphere of what we were seeing.

We were able to see Betsy Ross's flag and her cute house..

& We got to TOUCH.. I mean see.. the Liberty Bell
[And if you were to touch it theoretically speaking.. you may or may not get yelled.. just a heads up.. because if WE were to touch it we may have been caught off guard and scared to death!]

So ready for your traveling tip of the day?

If you ever find yourself in Philly and want an authenitc Philly Cheese Steak..
Go to Geno's
[I know that I was grateful for the man who gave us this little piece of advice so I hope it serves you all well too]

AND study these instructions unless you want to get sent to the END of the line..
These guys aren't messin around. 
They take their steaks pretty seriously.

Oh yeah and be prepared to spend a MERE 8 bucks a cheese steak!
We split one..
This east coast definitely knows how to make a living..
But they are definitely worth it for the experience.

Blake found this picture.. more funny than I did.. to say the least.
But I hope the pointers come in handy some day when you all visit the east coast!
& That you had a great summer weekend!
Happy Tuesday My Friends.

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