Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Saturday Picture Preview :)

So first of all... this morning I discovered something awesome! :) I don't know how many of you run.. but it's something that I do because it makes me feel really good. And most of the time I choose to run on the treadmill just so I can keep track of how far I'm running and how fast, and then I can improve!
But in the summer.. it's soo beautiful!
& so I just want to be able to appreciate the sunshine and the pretty green things around me, so I was think there has got to be a way to be able to track how far I run..
& there is!
It's called Map my Run..
you can click HERE if you want to try it out.. I'm sure lots of people already new about it but I thought it was pretty awesome this morning.

Sooo.. anyway.. since I promised to post the pictures that Blake's sweet mother took for us.. [our non engagement pictures.. haha just to clarify.. we are not engaged at this moment]
I thought I would post them for everyone on here to enjoy..
[I'm scared to post them on FaceBook and have everyone talking about engagement more than usual ha so you guys get a sneak peak if you check out my blog]

Some of these... were definitely candid... but I thought they turned out so cute.. :)
I love em.

So there is your sneak peak into Janell's amazing photography skills :)
& my wonderful Saturday morning..

I hope you enjoyed them! & I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday... only 3 more days until Fourth of July Weekend!

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