Friday, June 10, 2011

"A man who dares to waste one hour of his life has not discovered the value of life" -Charles Darwin

 So a couple weekends ago, Blake and I and our friends Dave and Gaby took a little road trip to the national park Craters of the Moon!
I'd never heard of it before.. but it really is a NATIONAL park.. that doesn't get enough attention it was really cool!
Apparently Idaho is just one big volcano that is overdue to errupt, which makes me feel awesome about living on top of it. :)
But no one seems worried.. so hopefully it doesn't errupt in the next couple years before I finish school..
keep your fingers crossed!

So basically this national park is just a bunch of caves and where the lava has flowed over the ground and created a lot of cool rocks and crevices for miles and miles! It's HUGE!

 Our first stop.. was definitely.. the Please Touch table. Of course we will touch.. and there was a letter from a guy who had taken a rock from the park apologizing. What good LDS people we have around here..
Moral of the Story? Touch this Table. Don't Touch the Dirty Rocks. You've got yourself a deal Craters of the Moon.. :)

Then we got to climb through caves all morning! It was SO cool!

And I only fell.. twiceish. I never knew that climbing through caves was such a good work out! But trust me.. it definitely was..
I couldn't really get a good picture of these caves but trust me, they really were giant.
Biggest caves I've ever got to climb through!

& little did I know.. But Blake is a little cave expert, he was climbing all over those things. ha I was impressed.

& we all may.. or may not have gotten lost in the barren volcano ridden wilderness once or twice.. 

But it was a fun adventure of climbing and crawling and picnics and exploring and sight seeing and the most bruised butt I've ever had!
& now I can check that one of the list of National Parks.

Then.. Blake took a bunch of his friends to a rock query for a bonfire, with huge table top walls completely surrounding it!
It kind of reminded me of the canyon in farmington.. but in this spot the rocks were so high and all around us!

Shelby & Aubrey are awesome friends and came to hang out with me so I didn't just have to be with all the boys. :)

Love Her :)

We roasted hot dogs and starbursts and all just hung out by this humongous fire. [what good boyscouts we had] & it was just a really fun relaxing night..

Another great thing that's been going on in my life are my roommates. :)
They are SO fun and so sweet.. and have been such a blessing in my life this semester.

& last Wednesday was Chantal's 21st Birthday.. so it's just been one big party for a week!

Elana made breakfast and decorated the house, Chantal opened presents ALL day, and then Nicole, Elana, Chantal, and I all took a road trip to Idaho Falls for dinner!
We went to Red Robin and had the funniest waiter who was APPALLED that Chantal was ordering water on her 21st birthday...
SO we are having a big "non alchoholic" 21st Birthday Party for her tonight!
[At Large House if you are in Rexburg Tonight! :)]

Then this last weekend.. Chad, Jessica, Dave, Gaby, Blake, and I practiced our golf skills! Blakes trying to get good so that he can tell my Dad he golfs.. ha
We figure mini golf is pretty much the same..
[we also raced Go Karts & it was the FIRST time I'd ever ridden them! I was informed that I was not American.. ha butttt.. thank goodness now that I have. It was fun.. and i'm proud to be an American]

Chad made two holes in one! & made mini golfing extra fun with his extra obstacles :)

I loved this water fountain! & was telling Blake to go do something fun by it, and when I turned around Chad was throwing Jess in! :) YES.. thank you for an excuse to take a picture of the pretty water fountain. [& for being such fun friends.. thats also defintiley a plus]

[This picture is for my Mom.. because she LOVES pictures of Blake kissing me.. even on the cheek. :) jk LOVE you Mom!]

Blake even drew me a cute secret picture on the bricks.. :)
Did the Mini Golf Course owners like that.. oh.. of course they did.

& lastly.. these were my suprise from Blake because I was stressed and grumpy the other day..
I have the sweetest boyfriend I could ever ask for..

Mid Terms definitely made for a busy week.. I can't wait to get to celebrate summer!

But I hope everyone is having the best summer ever! & enjoying the warm weather..
I miss you all SO much!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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