Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Business.. Means Business.

Whoa. So.. School is making my time speed by.. and all my homework and extra work lately has not left a lot of time for anything else!
This semester (since.. I'm ALMOST done with my business part of my degree!) I have to open up a real honest business of my own! (with like 20 other people, so it's not too bad) But it's been so busy!
And to add to everything, I got the job of CFO for our company.. so that = no extra time for hailey + lots and lots of finance work.
I DO love that it's so hands on though, I haven't hardly had anything more than quizzes this semester because they've given us projects to help with the company..
[unfortunately this week may or may not be midterms for us, so here come the tests.. but up until now it's been so nice]

This is our company if you want to check it out.. you can click.. HERE :)
make sure that you "like" us.. we need all the support we can get!

SO, to help us prepare for our business, a couple weeks ago they cancelled pretty much all of my classes and we all went camping!

 The point [at least from what I gathered.. ] besides being soo fun! Was to develop team unity and to help us all learn to work together.
So our first adventure.. was learning to ski with only FOUR other people! If you think skiing alone is hard.. just wait til you try this.. haha

 We got pushed over a couple times.. and definitely took turns needing pit crews.. but it was an all new take on three legged races. Ten legged races go a litttle.. bit slower.

 We had a pretty intense snowball fight/competition..

 AND we built some things with our OWN bare hands! Ha just kidding.. the boys built some things with THEIR own bare hands while I cheered them on.. it worked out better that way. :)

 They also.. did some hiking..
There are definitely advantages to being a business major with so many boys.
They take care of me :)

We did some trust falling..
and catching..


We climbed over things you wouldn't think were earthly possible..
& probably weren't without our team..


We fit 18 people on a small piece of wood.. and I only kicked two people in the face with my muddy boots trying to climb on someones shoulders. :)


And THEN we prepared for the scariest climb ever!


We had to climb a telephone pole..
ask me if I've ever wanted to do that..


AH I was SO scared! I was shaking like crazy and it seriously took me five minutes at least standing in this position before I could get on top of the pole..
BUT once I did..


I felt like I was on top of  the world.. and I definitely didn't want to jump off the top of the world..
so it took me another 5 minutes to jump off.. :)


Now let me introduce you to my BEST business friends in the world :)
This is Jordan and Aubrey. And I lovvvve them soo much.
We've been in all the same classes for the last 3 semesters, and I don't know how I would have made it through the business program this far without them..
Lots of all nighters, and homework parties, and feeding Hailey Ice Cream to cheer her up.
I'll love them forever.

We didn't completely get out of homework.. so that was good.. ha
Camping was a learning experience.


Then we had to climb logs that were only like 10 feet in the air!
Ahh.. this was another scary one..

I made Jordan hold my hand until he was on his tippy toes.. I was so scared.


And then we rode on the BIGGEST swing I've ever seen in my life!
Click THIS and you can watch me!


AND that was my camping adventure.. :)
It was soo fun. I wish I could skip school and go camping every week!

Sorry that I got so behind in my blogging! I have so much more to catch up on.. I'll probably get caught up when I graduate! But I'll try to do better..
I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer and had a good memorial day!
Have a good week!
Miss you all!


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