Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back Tracking...

So this whole school thing.. is seriously cutting into my blogging time! :)
Which unfortunately means.. I have lots of catching up to do..

Last Sunday was my first Easter away from home.. which.. I definitely started to worry about probably two months before Easter actually happened. My family is always so fun at Easter I was so sad to be having to leave them..
But luckily I have a sweet boyfriend who has.. a sweet family.. who let me spend Easter with them and their family.. so if I couldn't be home I had the next best thing..

 They hid eggs so we could go Easter Egg Hunting..

 Then in one of my eggs I found Bubbles! :) So I got to blow some serioussss bubbles...

 WITH my cute little bubble blowing new friend :)

 & after Colby's homecoming dinner and Easter Egg hunting Blake took me on a walk around the green belt around the temple in Idaho Falls!

 & we got to feed the ducks.. and other millions of birds!

 While we were feeding birds.. Blake thought it'd be a good idea to throw a piece of bread ON TOP of the back of a duck to see if they would fight.. how sweet is he.. haha luckily they were nice to each other and didn't.. but that one duck looked tempted he was definitely checking the bread out.. :)

 After our walk we started winding down and got to go back and decorate some pretty awesome eggs with Blakes cute little brother and sister Bridger and Madisyn..

 It was a very fun way to end my Bingham easter..

Once I got home I had a couple more suprises! My roommates had decorated cookies for us all and left me all kinds of delicious candy!

& my roommate Elana had hid easter eggs all over the house for me! (since I came home later than everyone else my easter eggs were all that was left..  and they were still everywhere!)

 I even found one in the shower just a couple days ago! It was such a fun little Easter hunt and made me feel more at home :)

Then I got to open my Easter "basket" from my family..
& I almost cried.. my sweet mom suprised me with a scarf I'd been really wanting.. and soo much candy and books and cake and movies..
I love you mom! & I love the rest of my family who tried really hard to involve me in their Easter even though I couldn't be there.
I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful family & friends.. thanks guys! I love you all!

So.. just to back track a little bit more.. since I haven't blogged in FOREVER..
back when I was home.. I got to do some serious babysitting/housesitting with these cute little girls.. and their sister who I didn't get a picture of.. but they were so fun!
& they definitely kept me busy.. and taught me a thing or two about Just Dance :)

THENNN.. Blake flew down to meet my family!!
& it went fantastic.. we took him to see Purgatory and Durango.. and Bloomfield.. (classy stuff.. haha)
and no one even slept in the laundry room..
so it was a really fun weekend with people I love with all my heart.

& then Blake got to enjoy the lonng ride back to Idaho with me and Princess Tiger Lily.. (that pretty little plant in the second picture..)

So I've just been at school trying to keep up with homework and life and everything.. nothing too crazy has been going on..
Blake and I have been getting really fantastic at cooking..

I've got to hang out with some pretty amazing roommates..

 This cute one.. is Chantelle.. :)
She's holding a piece of pizza that her ten year old cute little boyriend bought her at Little Ceasars.. She has a way with men.. no matter what age.. haha
[my scared face is from the NINE warm pizzas on my lap fogging up the car..]
I just want to throw out.. that my roommates this semester are absolutely amazing. and sweet. and clean. & if you've ever been to college you know how rare all of those qualities are between 5 other people..
Soo.. I'm really excited about this semester and the girls I get to spend it with!

Then yesterday Blake took me on the sweetest Saturday date ever :)
First he took us to Idaho Falls and took me to Red Robin because I'd never been there.. and.. if I might say so myself it was delicious.. and it was so fun to get to eat out since we're poor college students and don't do it all the time..

& then he took me to the Zoo!

[when I was little my mom always used to make Me Mitch and Mar take pictures in the Lion's head so I made Blake take a picture of me.. just for my mom! :).. and slightly because I needed a drink..]

 Then we chased the peacock in the grass eating area around for a little bit.. but he still wouldn't show us his feathers.. I guess I'm not quite as appealing as a girl peacock to him..

It was a really nice break away from school...
I'm so lucky to have him!

But I think that was the gist of whats going on.. I'm sorry I got so behind.. I have fun recipes for everyone soon AND I'm going camping this week.. so I will have fun stories and will be much better at keeping up with my blog!
I hope everyone is doing great..
If you didn't figure it out.. my Easter post is a link to a really awesome Easter video, so everyone should watch it :)
Have a good rest of your Sunday!

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