Sunday, June 12, 2011

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. -Dr. Suess

Blogging TWICE in one week!? Yes I know.. I'm surprised too :)
I love that I've had enough free time!
 This weekend was celebrating Chantal's Birthday and recovering from Mid Terms so it was quite the weekend.. just one big party! Just the way I like to spend my weekend..

The first pictures were actually ON Chantal's birthday at Red Robin! Delicious.
& luckily Elana got us some fantastic party hats so that we could be dressed for the occasion..
ha soo cute.

THEN last Friday.. we threw both her and Danielle a Luaa 21st Birthday Party "Non-Alchoholic" Alchoholic Party. (Although Danielle was only turning 19.. we figured she wouldn't mind the non alchoholic drinks)
Blake was nice and let us use and decorate his house and completely fill it with people.. What a good guy.

We bought Marguirita glasses and put icing and sprinkles on the outsid filled them up with ice cream...
[Now those.. were so fun bringing over to Blake's house.. they balance really well on cookie sheets.. and we blended RIGHT in with our hula skirts and leighs.. ha everyone was yelling at us from their cars on our walk over]

& filled the cooler up with IBC rootbeer and cream soda..

& played lots of "Mountain Dew" pong :)

Sound like a Mormon 21st Birthday Party? Because.. oh it was. And it was awesommme..

Before everyone got there I even got to "Leigh" Blake..

Don't you worry.. we kept it clean. :)

& then the rest of the night was a lot of dancing, black lights, cake, ice cream, soda, pizza, and good friends.
I couldn't have thought up a better way to spend my Friday night.

Happy Birthday Chantal & Danielle!!
I LOVE you both!

THEN last night Blake took me on the most perfect date EVER.. :)

I've been telling Blake I wanted to have a picnic by the Temple forever.. and so Saturday he took me bowling ( I pretty much did really awesome by the way if anyone was wondering.. Blake miggght have only doubled my score.. it's all a little blurry) .. and then he brought me to his house to make dinner with him.. and he packed everything up..
& SUPRISED me and brought everything to the temple so that we could have a picnic!

& it wasn't just any picnic.. he had to wait until it was dark so that we could have a candle lit dinner picnic by the temple :)
Complete with Spaghetti and Meat Balls.. I told him I felt like we were Lady and the Tramp.. haha
But it was SOooo
& then he pulled out his laptop and we watched a movie and celebrated being able to relax and not having to worry about Mid Terms anymore!
I know every one is probably like PLEASE spare us all of the mushy romantic stuff.. but everyday he amazes me more and more. I love suprises. & I love my boyriend.. I got really lucky.

But anyway.. I hope everyone had a good weekend!
I'm going to start posting recipes and fun stuff again soon so I don't bore everyone to death with my life stories I promise!
So.. I'll blog again soon.. Love you all!

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