Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?" -Albert Camus


well FIRST order of business...

Last Friday was Anna VanBuskirk's Birthday!! :) If you didn't tell her happy birthday.. you should. She deserves to of had a pretty darn good one!....

Just a little bit about Anna... our mom's were friends before we were born so I've been SO blessed to have her my whole life! She's the best best friend anyone could ever ask for and I love her with my whole heart. If you don't really know Anna you should get to know her.. I promise you couldn't find anyone who will be a more true friend to you through the thick and the thin. I'd be pretty lost with out her..

 My Annnnna Bannnnnna I love you! :) & miss you alot!

Soo noww.. just a little recap on whats been going on.. :)
This last weekend I went ice skating for the first time... ever!
Beautiful thing about moving to a place with a lot of ice and out of the desert?!
You get to play in the snow and ice alot!
[Ask me how beautiful it was when Shelby and I slipped on our porch walking to school last week! ha]

Although Blake thought it was an ingenious idea to push me around the ice.. and I may or may  not have been scared for my life for the first ten minutes of my life.. I survived! & I have an extrememly expanded appreciation for figure skaters...
The "ice skating rink man" informed us that figure skates are extremely uncomfortable and have no ankle support... so how do those beautiful ice skaters make it look so effortless?!
I don't know! But they are my hereos because I sure was not born with that gift.. :)

Also.. this man is awarded for most knowledgable ice skating rink owner I've ever met..
[is he the only skating rink owner I know? well.. yes. but if I knew more of them I'm sure he'd still know the most.. ha]
& luckily for us! Blake talked to him for 50 million hours.. so he's probably really knowledgable now too ;) haha jk blake! (Kind of.. ) they had a bond that I didn't get to share because I was blonde and he explained that that doesn't make me very intelligent... [it didn't help that I may or may not have fallen off the bench as I was unlacing my shoes... ha but that was after the initial judgement.. so I don't know where that came from!]

But.. anyway.. my New Mexico friends.. I will be a pro ice skater by the time I graduate college just you wait :)

Now this beautiful newly married couple is Dave and Gaby Bowen <3
Saturday Blake and I went over and played with our new "married" friends... and they made us dinner and dessert and we enjoyed appartments that were clean and roommateless! :)
I can't even remember what those days were like.. ha jk 
ha I love you Gaby and Dave!

Oh! & this isn't in chronological order at all.. but last week I made dinner for the downstairs of our house and it turned out really delicious!
I made Apricot Chicken... and it says to cook it in the microwave but if you cook it in a big pot I think it works better. Also.. I add broccoli and mushrooms and double the sauce.
Its so so easy and so good promise.. if you try it let me know how it goes :)
[oh and.. because it took me a little bit to figure it out.. ha for those of you who don't really blog if you click the purple words the recipe will come up so you can use it!)

 So just kind of a summary! Besides that.. I just want everyone to know that I adore my job <3
 haha & I hope everyone is doing well! I really love and miss you all!
 Have a wonderful rest of your Tuesday!

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