Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Difficult times have helped me to understand better than before, how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in everyway.." - Isak Dinesen

Okay so I promise not to give you a play by play of everything that I'm doing.. because quite honestly my life is not that interesting.. and I don't want to bore you to death! :)
ha butttt.. this week started about pretty darn good..
Saturday Blake threw a big birthday party for his cousin Brooke... She's from Arizona and it's her first semester here in beautiful sunny idaho.. so he thought it'd be nice to introduce her to more people.. :)
It was quite the event.. ha there were people everywere! Thank goodness they have a big house! Brooke was a very loved girl! & it made it really fun for everyone else too..

All of my SWEET rommmates came with me.. and they had a great time.. ignore shelbys cute little happy face.. haha she hasn't been very happy about being blogged.. but she'll warm up to the idea i'm sure ;)


Then Monday.. I had the Best.Date.Ever. I love it when everyone is out of school.. :)
I was informed monday morning that Blake had a suprise for me.. & i lovvve suprises..
First he picked me up and we went to DI.. and he started picking out way scary hats and I was a little worried he'd be expecting me to wear that.. but when he started looking for a scarf I realized we were totally going to make a snowman!!
Then he took me to Albertsons and we found a huge carrot nose.. and we were off to a hidden snow packed park! It was sooo cold.. (good ol' idaho) but it was so much fun. Poor blake had to pretty much roll and lift everything haha but he was a good sport..

After completely frozen bodies we had Earl! :) I just want to clarify.. I did not name him.. ha I thought it sounded like an old man name.. but I guess 'not old men snowman' might be standing.. so maybe it was fitting.

how cute are they... <3
Then after we were completely frozen.. we went back to his house and made mint hot chocolate and I made Blake watch Eat Pray Love with me.
& we ate his awesome gummy butterflies..
&&& after the movie blake made me homemade enchiladas!
Blake you are the besssst. {hearts}
I wish Martin Luther King Day was everyday. :)
But unfortunately.. its not.. so today it's back to reality.. and job searching. Wish me luck..

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