Monday, January 17, 2011

.::back to idaho..back to school.. back to the snowww.. ::.

SO.. in the last couple years with school and moving 12 hours away from the town that I grew up in its been hard to keep in touch with everyone I grew up with and LOVE. I know that I really enjoy hearing what my family and friends are up to, thats why I decided that maybe if I started blogging it would keep everyone feeling like they were still an important part of my life. (Because you so are!)
Unfortunately I've never done anything really like this before so.. its could be scary for a little while! haha but hopefully eventually I'll get it worked out and it will be fun to look at.

This semester I moved into a house with 16 girls!! ah.. So far though they've been really sweet and it hasn't been too overwhelming.. :)
Also.. I hope you enjoy the snow in this picture as much as I enjoy walking through it everyday!! :) haha jk.. it's not ALWAYS snowing.. it just snows alot.
 This is my room.. and my cute roommate Shelby in the background! We've been roommates now for 4 semesters and I lovvve her. She just got into the nursing program so she's going to have a busy semester.. good idea we had to move into a house full of girls huh..
But anyway.. so this winter I have to find a job/internship so that I can take my next Business classes in the Spring.. So far things are looking really good. :) haha
Luckily it's only been a week though so I'm not giving up yet.. Thank you to my family and friends who have listened to me vent about the stressfulness of job searching, it means a lot to me!
Thats kind of a summary of the big things going on... so I think that is enough for this post.. but I will be writing soon!
Happy Martin Luther King Day! Hope everyone had a nice start to their week. :)

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