Monday, February 9, 2015

Little Bear

So I'm not 100% sure when our little Em Cakes is going to really be comprehending exactly what's going on in the world...
 But when she does trust me we are so ready and probably overly excited to show her the finer things in life.

Blake had a three day weekend and even though he still had to study (dang Optometry school).. 
Emery had the cutest little bear suit that I felt like needed to be appreciated.
 [[& of course in Texas is probably going to be too warm to wear in a couple of days weeks..]]

So since we have a year pass to the zoo, we decided that we probbbably should take Emery to meet the real bears and show her what is going on in the world of animals for a couple of hours.

Unfortunately she didn't QUITE connect with the bears as well as one might have hoped seeing as they had so much in common this afternoon..

BUT she did seem very interested in the aquarium and the reptile exhibits..
I don't know if it was because the exhibits are closer so she could actually see them, or because the light wasn't so bright and there were lots of different colors, OR if it's just because judging from her night time track record she is probably nocturnal so it seemed more appropriate for her to be awake when it is dark..

But whatever it is.. it was pretty dang cute.

One of my favorite things about this stage of her life is that she is starting to be able to see everything (and by everything I'm pretty sure I mean like faces and colors.. ya know the important things) and is just so amazed by it and getting more and more happy to see you/interactive.
I like to think she didn't know what to think of the snakes and will stay away from them.
Those things were crazy huge and still giving me nightmares.

And then since we kind of had to make our trip short we just kind of hit the highlights.
{we still haven't seen all of the San Antonio zoo.. but I'm not complaining because that just means we get to keep going back right?}
Which of course was the anteater.. I think this guy is the goofiest walking/funniest animal.. like ever.. 

So Blake humors me for a little while.. sweet guy.
What he doesn't know is that I am trying to concoct a way to get the zoo to let us have this animal visit our house and get rid of all of our bugs.. because that'd be cheaper than bug spray.. right?
Stay posted on that one..

And mostly because Emery's enthusiasm.. clearly..

We spent some time playing with the birds.. I was you tubing bird calls/songs and it was so funny the kookaburras were awesome and looking and flying frantically around trying to find the other birds..
{what did I ever do without a smart phone..}

I'm not sure if that's mean or not.. 
zoos probably in general as much as I love them aren't animals ideal living quarters poor things..
But oh man was I enjoying watching these animals hear something it seemed like they understood and responded to. Animals (minus anything that could eat me.. unless they are very safely contained) are the coolest.


And then, rather appropriately I thought considering Emery's amazement with the snakes, we ended the day with Blake teaching our daughter the snake rhyme about how to know if they are poisonous.
It was pretty sweet.

I was just in heaven strolling around with our little family of three. Even though it has felt so natural having Emery in our family it all still feels really new and exciting and even though I am loving her cuddly tiny stage,
 I am excited for when she can enjoy the zoo and have fun with us..

Buttt until then I guess we will just have to enjoy it for her and be happy she lets us bring her dressed like the animals.

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