Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Emery the Little Adventurer

So Emery is so awesome at going out and running errands and basically anything on the go..
In fact she is easier I think when we are out of the house and doing things than when we are just at home taking it easy..
{I think it could be because a lot of the time she is in a little carrier close to me.. and boy does that sweet girl love to be held}

But this adventure in particular I have to be honest I was really back and forth and really a little skeptical about what type of parenting choice this would be..
[I even googled if this was something that parents ever did.. which they did.. but of course.. I mean judging from the fact that I felt the need to google it.. there were mixed reviews]

But before Em was born we vowed and we vowed that we would still get out and do fun things after we had her..
So after Blake found some noise silencing headphones that you wear shooting and after a couple little personal pep talks about how we need to have fun and experience life still  and if Emery is unhappy at all we can just leave right.. no harm done
I finally convinced myself we would just drive separate and try it..
But.. to I don't know why.. but my surprise.. baby girl is a troop.er.

So we all got to go to our first hockey game!

Which actually is definitely quieter than an NBA game..
[Now.. don't get me wrong.. it's not exactly like you are sitting in church.. but it didn't seem to bother Emery at all]


 The only problem was how am I supposed to watch a bunch of grunting guys hit a puck around when I have my favorite little girl in my arms..

{Have I mentioned that my productivity level has gone down.. 100%.. in the last couple of months and no one can figure out why.. ? haha}

And eventually the little girl just fell asleep in her little bjorn carrier all together.
I'm sure I am going to miss these days when she can walk and move around on her own.

Hockey definitely is a MANS sport.. wow. There were three fights during the game and the whole thing was pretty fun to watch but intense..  I definitely wouldn't even get out there on that ice with them.
{with or without the baby}

The boys of course all had to sit on one row because the girls just don't cut it as good serious sports watching partners clearly..

But that was okay with us.. and it was fun to get out and have some girl time catching up with these sweet ladies after a month of family/baby adjusting.
I'm so grateful that we have such fun friends that want to drag our behinds out of our house and baby adjusting comfort zone to experience this fun city again.

 And finally.. thank you Texas for providing us with so much entertainment..
and always reminding us that we "should have been a Cowboy".. even when we are going to the bathroom.

Even though lately I have definitely been wishing we were a little closer to family.. we still are really liking it here and all of the new experiences it's brought our little family of three.

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