Saturday, December 13, 2014

You Know What's the Best..

Family is the best.
With the baby and the holiday season I have been wishing that we were closer to our families.
But to our suprise my family decided to come spend Thanksgiving week with us so they could help us get the baby stuff ready [& bring us the most kind gifts from dear friends in my home town.. I can't believe how blessed we are to have such sweet loved ones in our life],
 annnd of course to spoil us with yummy food.
It was really nice to get to see them since with the busyness with summer and moving and school I have felt like we haven't got to spend very much time with them this year..
And during this trip we were just missing my goofy little brother who is serving a mission right now in Argentina until May.
[But as a side note.. May is sounding soon! Seeing as that will be his 2 year mark of when he originally left.. we are SO proud but have been getting pretty excited to finally get to see him again]

Since it was my family's first time in San Antonio we got to do a LITTLE sight seeing..
And by a little I mean we hit the essentials because when you are pregnant everyone seems to think you might not make it if you walk too much..
So it was nice of them to worry about me, but we just kind of took it easy.
[And my mother did specifically give me instruction not to post the pictures we took.. but sometimes I have to decide what is in the best interest of the people, and you look cute mom, but to the people-if these disappear you will know what happened.]

We played around at the Alamo..

And explored the Riverwalk..
{Oh I sure love this beautiful not so little anymore sister of mine}

And got absolutely spoiled and fed alongside of the River..
[Oh boy I asked our waiter to take a picture of us.. I think he took nearly 2000 and 99.9% of them we are talking or moving or not even in the picture.. this was by FAR the most acceptable photograph.
Is knowing how to take a picture a requirement to live in this century? I'm not sure, but we definitely got a good laugh about it after he literally used up all of my memory left on my phone and couldn't take anymore]

Then my parents took us floating down the river!
I have been dying to ride a boat down the Riverwalk since we moved here. And I definitely was not disappointed it was beautiful, I can't wait to see the river all lit up with Christmas lights..

It was such a perfect night/week with these favorite people of mine.

How do you travel.. and get everyone you love in one place?

It seems impossible to have both.
But I will say it definitely makes me appreciate the time that I get to spend with the people I love SO much more.
And they are coming back for Christmas [& hopefully to see Emery if she ever decides to be born]..

So I am counting down the days, and still feeling blessed for the ones that we had.


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  1. All I could think while I read this post was "this girl is SO blessed". You really are, Hailey! And you deserve every single one of these blessings. I can't wait until you get to hold your baby girl! Xoxo love you guys!