Tuesday, December 9, 2014

39 Weeks

Well ready or not .. I think that we are going to have a baby over here.
Somedays it feels more real and I feel more ready than others but we really are getting so so excited in this little home.
It seems like we have been in full fledged baby prep [survive the end of school] mode.
Blake just finished/survived/passed his first semester of Optometry school this last week!
And I have my last class/final tomorrow [my teacher actually did move it up a week for me because of all of this baby business.. hallelujah.. the kind soul] and then we have a full month off together!
Nothing could possibly sound sweeter right now.

Mmm.. so life at 39 weeks pregnant..
[This picture was actually a couple of weeks ago so only 37]
This last few weeks has been really fun in the fact that it's been the first time in my whole prenancy that people that I don't know have really been able to tell that I am pregnant and have talked and joked with me about it. & Since that is what I have been wanting this whole time.. I have really loved that.
[It only took 9 months to get to that point.. but I guess just take what you can get right]
It's also really fun because her kicks are getting bigger and you can just sit and watch my belly move all over the place while she moves.
And this girl moves quite a bit.. I'm a little nervous that we might be in trouble.
BUT I think I am ready for the end of this pregnancy thing. I have been absolutely EXHAUSTED this last little bit and it is quite the struggle to sleep.
Also I have the longest list of little things I have wanted to get done before she is here and it has been a struggle.. there is no bending over with this belly of mine.
I don't know what I would do without Blake.
I have been wishing that her nursery was totally done..
[It basically is we are just waiting for a couple of cosmetic last things to come in.. I just am being a whiner perfectionist before I reveal it to the world.. but I'm really excited to show everyone!]
However we really do have everything we need.. more than what we need..
& I think it's time

 I had the sweetest baby shower a few weeks ago that I am kicking myself for not getting more pictures of..
But oh my gosh I can't believe how blessed we have been to make the friends that we have already down here.
I definitely know that we are where we need to be and my Heavenly Father has sure blessed our little family, we have been just overwhelmed with all of the kindness and friendship people have shown us.

And this picture is actually from yesterday..
Does my shadow look as tired as I have been feeling?
Blake and I are so ready to meet our sweet Emery girl that we are ready to try every old wives tale in the book.
We tried to walk her out yesterday.. and actually my contractions were getting pretty consistent.
And then we read that there is a chemical in pineapples that helps induce labor so you can bet we bought one
 [my first fresh pineapple I think.. ever]
& ate 3/4ths of it yesterday.. thank goodness they are yummm.y
And something must have worked because last night I was having contractions like crazy. We had friends over and everyone was getting pretty excited timing them and thinking it was getting close.
However they just didn't seem quite close enough and at like 11 o'clock I decided I did not have the energy to go into labor and needed to sleep..
& For a couple of hours they kind of woke me becuase they were hurting but then I didn't notice them anymore.
But we have a doctors appointment today and hopefully we will have made progress!
We could definitely use all of the prayers we can get..
& Hopefully next week instead of a 40 pregnancy post I will have a little newborn to announce.
Thanks for all of the love and support everyone, it wouldn't have been as sweet of an experience alone.

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  1. I'm so glad you told me about this blog! I am so excited to get to read about your happy life! I love this post. It is bringing me back to when we were ready to have our first sweet baby. Having Ellie was such an amazing experience (Noah too!). There is nothing better than feeling that incredible love that fills your heart when you get to hold your baby in your arms! So beyond excited for you and Blake to get to have a beautiful little miracle. We love you!!!