Saturday, December 13, 2014

Decking the Halls

Well.. the nursery is done. The house is clean.. enough.. bags are packed..
So I figured I should probably catch up on my blogging while we very impatiently wait for this baby.
I love this time of year.
I definitely never wanted to previously have a baby this close to Christmas.. but it has actually turned out to be nice that everyone has a break and that we get to enjoy it with so many.

And it was exciting to be able to have another little stocking to add to our mantle..
We are so anxious for this little girl to get here.
We really have so much love for her already and have had so much fun picking out gifts and getting ready for a new tiny addition to our family.

Another fun thing this year is that it's our first one in a house!
For the last few months we have been using coupons and buying a strand of lights here and there as we could afford it in hopes that by this time we would have enough to hang on our roof.
And last week all of our house living December dreams came true.
We got up early and were so excited to be pretending to be grown up and hang our lights..
Um and if you are wondering they are supposed to be white AND blue.. as we were driving up to our house..
 [we had turned them on when it was still light outside and we were leaving so that we could come home to them on]
We kept saying are those OUR lights? Is that OUR house? Because.. I don't know if you can see blue or not.. but we sure couldn't until we got closer.
But that's okay I still love them and how Christmasy they make our home feel.
It's hard here where it is still 70 degrees some days to really even feel like it's time for Christmas!
It's also hard to complain however, because it's so comfortable to be outside without a jacket.
I can't bring myself yet to say that I wish it was cold or snowing.

And also much to my excitement..
The weekend after Thanksgiving we got to set up/decorate our Tree!
There is something so magical about Christmas music and smells and hanging ornaments.
I have been dying for the last few months for this very moment..
But Blake takes his Thanksgiving VERY seriously.

Like you would think the leader of Thanksgiving [for all I know.. it might very well be Blake] pays him to make sure his holiday gets CELEBRATED and nobody even so much as THINKS too hard about Christmas before Thanksgiving.
{& trust me.. he always knows}

But it does make it special when we actually get to start celebrating the Christmas holiday.

And I can't tell you how blessed I have felt lately to have my own growing family that I love so much..
Even though we probably won't have very big exciting gift Christmass' for at least the next 4ish years, I am grateful for the time that we have to really learn to appreciate our Savior and what Christmas is really about.
In fact if you haven't watched this He is the Gift video yet you should.
I absolutely love it..
I think it's perfect to remind us of the true meaning of Christmas.
I hope everyone
[whether you are experiencing Christmas in 0 degree weather or 70 degree weather]  
gets to feel the true spirit of Christ this Christmas.

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  1. So sweet! Love all the decorations! You guys are so adorable. We miss you!!! Ps - when do we get to see pictures of the nursery? :)