Monday, December 29, 2014

Emery's Woodland Nursery

So a couple of days before our sweet baby girl came we pretty much finished setting up her nursery..

This has been my project for the last few months and I am sure I am much more excited than Emery is right now about this sweet DIY room being done.

So since we have been on a pretty tight budget.. I calculated and came to the conclusion that the only way we were going to be able to have the nursery that I was really wanting was if we made it ourselves.

I would never have considered myself a seamstress and all of these projects took me an embarrassingly long time.. AND if you looked super close at any of them I'm sure you would find reasons to not be super impressed.
But I hope that looking back my daughter knows how much I love her and how badly I wanted her to have a beautiful room that was her own to welcome her into this world. 

I completely just wung [is there a more fitting word that isn't slightly made up?] the bedding.. I saw a picture of some that I liked, spent days fabric shopping, and by some miracle sewed the teething rail, bed skirt, and fitted crib sheet.
Then I sewed the birds from scrap fabric and Blake helped my make the tree branch mobile from branches from our yard..

And I sewed the changing pad cover..
And finally I cut and dyed and sewed together the rug from fabric from our mummy Halloween costumes.

& I have to be honest and say that I really don't think I want to remake any of them every again if I can help it.. Don't get me wrong I love creating and decorating. And wow did it save us a lot of money I would be surprised if we spent $150 dollars on everything in the room [minus the furniture]
But holy smokes.. Those were some big projects!

And this corner definitely felt like it "took a village" to put together I think it was probably the most work..
One of Blake's aunts made the vinyl trees for us from ones that I found and liked on etsy and then my sweet in laws surprised me and bought them for us for my birthday. Then another one of Blake's darling aunts and his cousin stayed up half of the night during their vacation helping me put them up! I can't believe how humbled I still feel at all of the help..

Then my sweet husband, who was so nice about everything I wanted to do for the nursery, humored me and helped me go get these tree trunks from a lady who had chopped them down and then he took the bark off, cut them to the right sizes, sanded them down, AND stained them. What a man.
And he made the birdhouse night light on the wall.
& I got the fun part and got to make the tissue pom poms and decorate the tables.

The beautiful chest my parents bought us for Emery's baby gift,
Lanterns I had saved from our wedding,
And spice racks from IKEA [seen on pinterest] for baby girls [hopefully growing] book collection.

I still haven't put the pictures I want in her picture frames but I figured we could wait until she was here and take some of our [growing] little family of three.

And other than that I have been super excited with how everything turned out...
 and SO grateful for all of the help and support in getting things ready for Emery. 
I don't know if every time you have a baby it's as nerve racking as your first one but  I can't tell you how grateful I actually have been for the advice and gifts and love.
It's made everything leading up to now such a happy experience.

[Every Christmas baby needs a reindeer right?]

And THEN.. the best part of this nursery..
Our sweet beautiful Emery.

I can't even begin to tell you how in love with this perfect good natured baby we are.
I know every parent hopefully loves their baby.. but wow I can't believe how full my heart has felt and despite the lack of sleep we have just been so happy over here.

Before the nursery was finished when we would get cute outfits I would lay them in her crib and just imagine the day when she would be here and I would get to kiss her and hold her in those tiny beautiful baby outfits.
I'm still probably hyped up on hormones but just this sight brings tears to my eyes.
I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be this little girls momma.

Thank you for all of the kind words and congratulations!
Things have been kind of busy over here with family and adjusting.. but I promise to post the birth story and everything soon before I forget all of the good stuff.


  1. I am so lucky to be this cute little girls Great Grandma; the nursery is awesome you two did such a great job, lucky Emery. Love you all <3

  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I think about you guys all the time and am soooo happy for you. Its amazing how much love your heart is filled with when you have a sweet baby - more than you could ever possibly imagine! AWESOME job with the nursery! It looks amazing. You guys are soooo talented! It could be in a magazine! Hugs and love to all 3 of you!