Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Great Outdoors..

If anyone asked me what I loved about Idaho.. I of course would first say that it's close to my sweet in laws and all of our awesome friends here..
But thennn I would tell them that there is sooo much to do outdoors..
oh. seriously.. it's breathtaking.

So this Fall we had the chance to go real rock climbing for Blake's first time ever..
[We have been indoor rock climbing plenty.. Blake loooves it.. so I was pretty excited for this trip actually because I knew he would be in heaven]

& Luckily we got to go with a group of people who actually knew what they were doing..
They would lead climb for us,
[without a harness or anyone balleying them so they could set the climb up for everyone else..]
& thankfully knew all of the place that were fun to climb..

& This sweet man with his long arms and legs and crazy self discipline.. is such a natural. He really was built to rock climb.. so it's lucky that he loves it so much.
And of course since I have such long limbs too..
[For those of you who may not actually recall... although its probably up for debate, it's possible that I'm not the biggest/longest person in the world]
I was prettt.ty. impressive.

Especially at these cool climbs you had to shimmy up the crack without hand/foot holds..
Hopefully I have to do that to save my life one day..
that would end really well. haha
[For who ever was chasing me that is..]

Just kidding.. even though I have to admit I didn't make this intense climbing thing look quite as graceful as Blakey over here.. it was really fun.
& I really enjoy being pushed every once in a while, I think if it's not a challenge you won't learn anything new.

Unfortunately Blake was always balleying me when I was climbing [& sometimes doesn't quite feel the burning need to document our life like I do..]
So we didn't get any pictures of my climbing.. I was a little bit bummed..
but I guess that just means we will have to go again.

& The best part about being spending the day out in nature was all of the natural life we got to see..
There were two bald eagles, lots of lizards..

The prettiest fall leaves..
&& For the grannnd finnalllee..

Completely made my day life...
A real live moose spotting has been something that has been on my life bucket list, and after rock climbing we were walking to the car with our friends and out of the river popped this beauty.

Even though I have to admit that in my bucket list mind/moose plan we weren't exactly just outside walking next to the moose..

This one actually started charging us when it saw us and as we all ran for the car
[& I'm running backwards so that I can get a picture.. as you can tell I usually think things through]
it changed it's mind and ran the other way thank goodness.
But oh it was beautiful. It's amazing how many beautiful things are in our lives and so close around us everyday..
I know that I am guilty of thinking I'm too busy and not always appreciating them like I should.

We are so blessed.
& Oh Idaho.. my pretty outdoorsy state.. I am going to miss you.

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