Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Quarter of a Century

Blake turned the big 2-5 this year.
What is the weirdest to me is that when we started dating he was 21.
How are we getting so old so fast?
But anyway this year.. unlike last.. thank goodness his birthday was not on Thanksgiving so we got to celebrate HIM allll day.

So the highlight of the day.. definitely for both of us.. was that I had a big surprise for Blake with his presents.
He had been wanting a bow [like a bow and arrow.. bow] for probably the last year. The only problem is that they are kind of expensive..
But he has been dyyying to have one [as in he talked about it daily.. seriously dyying] and I have really been wanting to get it for him. So I think back in July I put it on layaway.
So I just made payments on it when I could and finalllly a couple of days before Blake's birthday I got to pick it up and I was bursting with excitement to give it to him.
SO what we had talked about with his gifts is that I would mostly give him money
(& a couple of other little things to open) so that we could go and put his bow on layaway on his birthday and maybe get it around Christmas.
So Blake opened his small gifts and then in the bag that was supposed to have his money was a note that said..
"Okay... I lied I'm not giving you money. But maybe I can do you one better. Check the office for one last present."
& He starts yelling "WHAT".. "What is going on".. with big eyes like he doesn't want to get too excited yet..

Then he runs out into the living room with his big box and rips open the paper and the gift as fast as he can. haha I don't know the last time I've seen him so excited.
[Probably when I told him I would marry him.. :) ]
Oh I wish I could freeze the moment forever. I looove surprises.
& Blake was so in love with his bow he just wanted to sit there and stare at it.. he had to have it next to him when we played games and on the night stand next to us when we went to sleep.
I think he was afraid it was going to disappear and be a joke.

Then the rest of the day.. even though he was on cloud 9 I think from his surprise gift.. and we probably could have just stopped the day there.. we just celebrated my sweet Blake.
We ate donuts, took his bow to Idaho Falls so he could shoot it for houuuurs, saw the cute inlaws, ate Mexican food, & went on a double date to the first day of Catching Fire..
I sure love Birthdays and reasons to celebrate..

 And Blake Bingham I can't believe how much I love you.
I must have done something realllly right to get you..

Happy Birthday Babe!

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