Sunday, November 24, 2013

Oh yeah.. Halloween.

So of course now that it's almost Thanksgiving.. I'm going to blog about Halloween.
I wish I was a real blogger that did stuff like.. I don't know.. consistently blogged.
That would be weird huh.. :)
But with everything in life going on and being so busy lately.. I have to keep saying maybe someday..
I love documenting life and getting to share what's going on with the people that I love that I can't be with everyday.. SO I will keep trying.
Thanks for bearing with me.
So like many of you know.. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it also happens to be my birthday!
& This year for Halloween/My Birthday we actually spent it in San Antonio the night before Blake's Optometry school interview..
So leading up to Halloween we still tried to make time to celebrate.

My mom is the cutest woman in the whole world.. and last year sent us a halloween package for these cute little guys in it..

So one night after I got off of work late and was basically already in bed..
I had been telling Blake I wanted to do something fun so he pretty much drug me out of bed, turned on/up the music..
& we danced and sang and decorated halloween cupcakes together.

& Blake kept me laughing almost an hour straight.. I love this silly guy.
& Of course.. it wouldn't be halloween without a little
pumpkin carving.

[[What a handsome boy.. I don't know why but I love this picture of him]]

As you can see Blake's a little faster than me.. at everything.. he just goes at life and free hands it and I'm a little bit more of a perfectionist and need a plan and to map everything out before I actually do it..
But eventually both pumpkins got carved.. so that's all that matters right?
Then, one of my favorite Halloween traditions.. the costumes.
We tried to keep our costumes cheap and easy this year so we made them together and it suprisingly was a lot of fun.
[[as well as a good excuse to put off homework and spend some time together..]]

& We actually were pretty excited about our costumer this year....
We went as people on Publishers Clearing House..
[The TV show where they bring a giant check to someones house and suprise them .]
We can at least pretend to be rich.. right?

These are our friends Buzz and Jess.. they just escaped from an insane asylum so we decided to take them in.
Becuase didn't Jesus say to love everyone?

Then after our little Halloween party..
[Blake kept telling me that we needed to go home because he was SO sick all of the sudden and was going to throw up]
So we rush home.. and to my suprise there was a full house!
 Blake and my cute sister in law
[who had actually left before I thought to take a picture]
had planned a suprise party for me!
And man was I suprised/scared.. I even screamed when we opened the door..
Also do you know who else left before I took a picture.. our friends that were actually dressed up so I'm glad I get to be in my bath robe and curlers with all of these good looking people. haha
I love you guys thanks for a great birthday!
It definitely was a good Halloween season, even though next year hopefully the actual day might get to be little more traditional.
I hope that everyone had a good Halloween & that the holidays are treating everyone well!

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