Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kitchen & Bathroom

Ready for Round 2 of This Little Tour?

[Thanks everyone for being so nice about our apartment already.. you guys are the sweetest..]

So Tuh Duh.. This is our Kitchen..
Yes.. it's a tiny one this is pretty much it.

Just Kidding.. I guess it's a little bit bigger than a sink. 
I guess you could say it's got all of the essentials...
& Even though I am in here a lot cooking and am soo excited for when we get a bigger kitchen..
I love this stage of our life it really is so fun.. & Even though we are on quite the budget I've been really grateful for everything..
So small kitchen.. I will gladly take you.
[Thank you for the newly wed experience..]

& Here is my favorite whistling Tea Kettle..
So fun.. everyone should have one of these I seriously feel like a little kid getting so excited every time it whistles.. haha

& Back there are our cute Mexican Salt & Pepper shakers from our Honeymoon..

& You get this lovely long shot because I am so in love with that rug..

It's made completely out of wood..
[& contrary to popular belief is actually really comfortable]

& Here is probably one of my favorite kitchen things I own..
This Carousel Spice Rack

Boy I think that thing is cool..
My mom and I were in Dillard's one day and I saw it and was like Mom this is THE spice rack I have to have it is the one..
Then I looked at the price tag and decided it was most definitely not the one.
& My parents surprised with it for Christmas a couple of years ago!
I really love it.. and really love them for always taking such good care of me.

So now are you ready to see why our Bathroom is my Favorite?!

Yes.. now it all makes sense I'm sure..
Because of this beautiful project of a Shower Curtain..

These were our wedding colors and I was hoping that we could some how make this work and be able to keep and use our wedding decorations to decorate the bathroom..

& Somehow with the help of Blake and my Sister in Law Maddy and LOTS of help from my sweet Mother in Law..
We pulled this bad boy off..

I am still ecstatic about it.
It makes showering and being in the bathroom, which bathrooms I would say are really kind of gross by nature, a lot more exciting for me..

Those flowers were from my wedding bouquet.. look familiar?
I'm really excited that I was able to keep them after all of the hassle they were to begin with..
[Thank goodness we are getting our money's/stress's worth out of them..]

& You can't see it very well but that B was part of our Wedding Cake at our New Mexico Reception..

& I don't know if you can see that beautiful print on the wall..

Kirsten my cute sister in law made it for us for our wedding.
She is the same talented person that made our wedding announcements AND thank you cards..
This woman has got a gift, she is so good at life..
& I still die over our print.. it has Blake's name in Idaho and mine in New Mexico and the it has a cute design connecting them and a heart connecting them in Salt Lake.

I love it.

& Even though I have had the best time putting everything together..
I will definitely say the best thing about our home is that I get to share it with my best friend.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
I think that makes a home more homey than anything else.

& You know what Ladies and Gentleman.. 
That Concludes Our Tour For Today..

Oh I'm sure you're dying.. but there will be more tomorrow don't even worry. 
Have a Happy Wednesday Night!

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  1. Hailey! What a cute blogger you are! I love all your pictures. I had fun taking the tour. :)