Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Introducing... Our Home..

Welcome to our Little Newly Wed Life/Apartment..
I'm in love with it and after talking to my best childhood friends over the Christmas Break I realized that they are probably never going to get to see it in person..
& I really wanted to share it with you guys.. I know I love looking at home decorish stuff..
So really I can only assume you must [not debatable] love it too.

So welcome to our little Bingham apartment built in the 70's..
[As you will continue to see..]

This is [obviously] our entry way..
You may very well recognize these cute flower creations..

I made them while I was still living with my roommates..
[Possibly before Blake and I were even engaged..]
After moving from apartments of girls, with us to New Jersey, and back to Idaho.. my little toilet paper crafts are holding up pretty well..

Here is our Living Room/Dining Area..
[Yes you will probably receive commentary through this whole house tour you poor unfortunate souls.. you have permission to just ignore me]
I sewed that ruffle pillow in the middle of our couch..
[My first and last throw pillow so far..]
& I love this picture because you can see our cute side table..
I had to beg my sweet husband a little bit for this one because as far as surface area goes it could be a little more impressive.. but as far attractiveness goes..it was my favorite.

You can tell which one of us is the practical one...

& Here is our little dining table/area...

This is a close up of our table cloth.. BECAUSE this here is my first sewing project ever.
Woo wee and let me tell you it was a project.. But I love how it turned out.
& My sweet Brother and Sister in law gave us this table before we were married and so my Mother in law helped me make this extensive creation.
[Thank goodness for in-laws huh..]
And.. the chairs that I also absolutely love 
[obviously I love everything or I wouldn't have picked it.. so really I apologize the need that I feel to repeat to you that I love it a thousand times..]
.. Were a wedding gift from my sweet patient parents who helped us hunt all over Idaho Falls to find some that matched with our table
[Since I had already made the table cloth so OF COURSE we could not let them buy us another table set.. haha]
But they did a really great job helping us find these..
Thank you everyone for all of this.

Although this commentary is getting a little long..
I also want to point out my sweet TURTLE SHELL bowl from the Zoo..
Probably one of my favorite decorations.. if that tells you anything about the weird things that I love.

Yes.. This little random shelf here.. originally I actually asked our managers if we could just saw it off.. since who really knows of it's purpose..
[I will let you guess the answer I got to that question..]
But it's actually growing on me.. it's fun to have little areas to decorate.

Here is that good ol' side table again..
& My Creative Mother made this little tile work or art... I LOVE it.

And here you enter our Living Room..

I don't know what it is about flower arranging.. but I guess ever since our wedding it seems to be something I just do.. 
 [Maybe nothing is as stressful as making all of your wedding flowers so everything is easy now..]

But I put together that little hanging basket to match that favorite lovely wall mural of mine above the couch..

& Here is a little bit of the other side of the room..
As well as our awesome rug.. hiding our gross 70's carpet.

The husbands favorite part of the room..
I don't know if it is the TV/Apple TV/Surround Sound/Candy Dish..
I think they are all a close tie for first for him.
Which is good because it means he lets me decide all of the rest of the room.
Oh.. compromise.
[& my sweet Blake who really would probably let me decorate how I wanted anyway to make me happy even if he didn't have his oh so loved TV and Star Bursts.. I married one good man.]

& That actually concludes our house tour of today..
I figured you all would probably die of boredom if I did this through the whole rest of the apartment in one post..

SO I will show you the rest of our cozy apartment through out the week.

I love you all and really wish that you all could be here with me & hope this feels a little more like you are.

Have a Wonderful Tuesday Night in Your Own Cute Homes!

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