Monday, January 21, 2013

Apartment Tour... Take Three.

So I think I have maybe been procrastinating posting the last two rooms of the house because they just aren't quite as exciting.. 

Or maybe it's that I have been busy..
[Or.. Maybe I am never meant to have the talent to be able to blog on consecutive days.. who really knows..]
But either way..
Here they are now..

Welcome to our cozy little Bedroom..
[&Tuh Duh.. the entrance..]

& Here is wall to you right when you walk in..

[Some of you may recognize the furniture from my old Bedroom.. this is my awesome India Mirror that I am forever in love with..]

& Here is.. the worst lighting ever..
But this is our bed from the view of just walking in the room..

And here is a little bit better lighted picture of our sweet little bed/bedding..


Now here is our little hallway that leads to the office..

Oh and hey.. here is my cute little studying Husband..
[Probably wondering why I am barging in and taking pictures..]


This is actually most the time where you can find Blake.. 
But he is studying for a serious test so I thought that I would be nice and not kick him out of the office..

Plus the lighting was atrocious..

SO here is the deal.. 
I'll leave you wondering a little bit about this room so maybe now you still have a reason to come visit and see the rest!

So there is our little home.. 
I wish you all could be here in person but.. I hope that this is a good second best.

I love you all and will update everyone on life soon!

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