Friday, August 14, 2015

Our Happy Place

I just keep thinking I'm pretty sure my happy place is just anywhere I can be with these two..
I have been feeling so much gratitude and love for them lately, even when we are just lounging around playing together at home.

 BUT I have to say in this little family, the Zoo definitely doesn't hurt.

There is something so fun about spending our Saturday mornings there when we get a chance and being around all of the animals.

Now if I could have just gotten my pet fish to show this much enthusiasm about breakfast time maybe we would be, very entry level fish owning, pet owners today.

They were absolutely crazy jumping all over each other.. 
& Somehow I think that I might have been enjoying the wild fish commotion as much as they were enjoying being fed.

It's so fun watching Emery gradually be more and more excited and aware of what's going on..
I'm not sure if she was more excited about the hippo or her picture being taken (or maybe it was those beautiful colored fish in there with the hippo) but either way we were loving the enthusiasm.

And if you can spot the bear in this picture I think that you too have had some zoo practice, it took us a minute to find him but I was laughing. It's the best when the animals are out and climbing around.

We also saw a baby monkey hanging from it's momma's tail, and I realized that no matter what species you are being a mom is work. & of course I took several pictures of it and then later realized I had forgotten to put the memory card in our camera! Thank goodness for iPhone pictures.

And in this picture you can experience our poor sweet little interested in touching/grabbing everything Emery learning her first little lesson on personal space..

If you can't tell by the fact that this bird looks like he has been battling other birds previously,
 he took his food very seriously.

Our poor baby girl just isn't used to everyone not absolutely loving on her.. bless her little heart.

He didn't hurt her I think it just surprised her, but lesson learned for all of us..

Emery probably just isn't quite ready to be a zoo keeper yet.

We will keep working on it though, and for now we are just hoping the zoo and family time is filling the void in our little Emery's animal loving life left by not having a real live pet in our home.

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  1. We love the zoo too! It's such a fun place. I love your pictures! You guys take such great family pics :) we love you all!