Tuesday, August 11, 2015

5 Month Old Emery

Oh this girl.
I like her so much.

And if I was to make a bet, I would say that Blake was pretty fond of her too.

She really is our absolute light of our lives.

I am a little bit behind.. but 5 months was when I remember life starting to get a little easier.
Emery started being able to sit up on her own, of course you had to prop her into sitting position, but then she could stay sitting for about as long as she wanted and it was awesome.
She's also always really loved standing and even could hold herself standing on the couch starting this month if you stood behind her. 
& She started scooting around (kind of like an inch worm), and with rolling and scooting combined seemed to basically get where ever she wanted to towards the end of her fifth month.

This was her last month in the carrier while we shopped.. definitely bittersweet.

And her first month with solids..
{oh boy solids. everyone seems to have quite an opion with solids.. but we eventually gave in to our doctor suggesting we start them and she was definitely ready, never spit her food out and with the exception of green beans seemed really happy with it}

This girl really started making us laugh, this is the probably the month that she became a lot more interactive and her personality seemed even stronger.

 Emery and I started doing yoga together (alot less relaxing, but oh so cute) and story and singing classes and other fun things and she really still is so much fun for me,
 Emery is definitely my little sidekick and makes me love love love being mom.


 5 month Emery, even though she never has been a very good napper, really was a joy.
And even though every stage has fun things about it, it's so fun when they start to really experience the world and enjoy things and interact with you.

We are so blessed to have this perfect wonderful little girl in our lives
(please note her rings caught between her toes-those sweet toes kill me)

Blake and I sure love our Emery girl to the moon and back,

(besides sleep through the night) I don't know what we ever did without her.

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