Sunday, August 9, 2015

And Guess Who is Finally Back!

I would take a couple of guesses here as correct seeing as we have been a little MIA for a while..

So I am back.. taking a little breather from this crazy life to catch up a little bit.. I've noticed that my last blog was very closely correlated with the time in our lives right before Emery got pretty quick at moving. She has been keeping me on my toes to say the least! But we are FINALLY getting the hang of this napping business so we will see if that helps me be a little better at preserving/sharing life.
 (and rested.. oh how I have taken sleep for granted in my life)

But anyway the real answer and purpose of my being here today documenting is.. 
[please insert some cheering and jumping and clapping and fist pumping]


Mitch has been in Argentina serving a mission for our church for the past a little over two years and holy smokes I can't tell you how proud I've been of him, but boy we have missed this guy!

And I can't tell you what a blessing it was to be able to make it to New Mexico in time for Mitch to get here..
Besides for the fact that survival of traveling 15 hours with a newborn seems to be a miracle all in itself, schedules while trying to become a grown up seem to be crazy and kind of hard ot coordinate.

But Blake is awesome and negotiated this week with his job before he took it,
So here we are after a few minor hiccups with my favorite people.

After we just about had everything ready to go to the airport and were starting to get ready to go
Mitch called and his first flight had run late so he'd missed his connecting flight into our home town...  
So Emery, and all of our hearts, had to wait a little bit longer, seeing as plan B seemed to be a trip in what just about was the middle of no where..


And in the middle of no where existed what I'm sure had to be the smallest public airport in human existence.

Seriously in these two pictures you can see the entire airport.

And after we waited and waited all by ourselves we were taking bets on if Mitch was going to show up by himself on a crop duster.
{I mean possibly even flying the crop duster, judging from how many people seemed to be wanting to end up in this airport!}

So we couldn't believe our eyes when there was our missionary coming off of a real live Airplane.. and HOME.. {sort of} haha

And even though I definitely think it took some adjusting back to America for him,
There is no where in the world I would have rather been than there hearing about all of his adventures and just getting to be able to enjoy hearing my brother's voice again.

And even though it felt like a quick little trip- I think some time with these guys was probably just what the doctor ordered.

{Oh Those Cheeks. I pray I will never forget those kissable wonderful soft squishy cheeks.}

We spent the week catching up on a little R & R believe it or not..

Got to be in New Mexico to celebrate my Dad's 50th Birthday..
{can I just re insert the believe it or not.. how is time flying so fast.}

And spent time with the people that I love.


Family is a pretty wonderful thing.

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  1. So sweet! How great you got to be in NM for all of the excitement! Love your post as usual. Emery is SO adorable! You all look great! You're as beautiful as ever :) miss you!!!