Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bridal Shower Bonanza

So this past week I really have felt so blessed to have my "family to be"
& the friends that I have up here with me.

It was so sweet the work they went to to make my bridal showers special.
& with my family and friends that I grew up with being so far away it made me sad that they couldn't be there..
 but it really meant a lot to me that I have the wonderful people that I do in my life still trying to make it a positive experience.

It really turned out SO cute.
Thank you to everyone who came & contributed..
You all are the best.

So.. now..
Something that I learned about Bridal Showers?
People dress you up in things that you wouldn't normally choose to be dressed up in..
[oh.. wrapping paper, ribbon, tissue paper, TOILET paper..]
The joys of getting married.

& these are my sweet sisters to be..

& Bridesmaids of course.
I love you guys.

& then there is..
Bridal Shower take #2

Que.. Wrapping.

& just a warning..
The following [and previous] post contains WAY more pictures of me than anyone probably ever wanted to see..
[I guess when you aren't the one taking pictures you don't get them of everyone else.. note to self]
haha if that scares you..
 I wouldn't proceed

They mummified me alive!
& then proceeded to have me keep it on for most of the party..
It was good practice for the suffocating I will be doing in my wedding dress is I guess what they were thinking..

I also received presents that I definitely never have gotten for a birthday before..
This is Shelby's drawing of her present..
If you can't see it..
it's not you.
There wasn't much there.

Elana.. yes.. Shelby made me open your gift.
In fronnnt of evvveryone.
haha I love you.

It was quite the experience.
Thanks everyone I love you SO much. 
& to all of my loved ones that weren't there.. 
I hope you know how much I miss you and wish that you would have been.
I love you guys & know you would have been there if you could have.

I hope everyone is having a great conference weekend.

oh.. and..

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  1. ooooh, so fun!! sorry, i love wedding stuff. i could look at wedding anything . . . all the time. :)