Sunday, March 25, 2012

Life. Is. Beautiful.

So first.. can I just say how grateful I am for my Heavenly Father and the love He has for me,
& the fun days He gives me amidst the stress.
I think this weekend was just what everyone needed.

This weekend.. With this upcoming week being the start of Spring!
& My dearest Shelby's Birthday of course.
We decided that we wanted to celebrate how they do in India.. 
With a Festival of Colors! 


& what a better way to do that than at the closest Indian Temple!


To celebrate Spring it is an Indian tradition for everyone to gather together and throw scented powder or perfume at each other.
It's also called Holi if that is anymore familiar to everyone.

& If anyone was wondering..


Yes. It is fun.
If you ever get a chance I will definitely encourage you to go celebrate Spring!
& life.. and other people in the world who just want something to be happy about.

[Oh.. yeah. Of course we do don't actually know any of these people with us.]

& Since the Festival of Colors this year actually fell on  
Shelby's Birthday 
we figured what a better way to celebrate and take a break from school a couple of weeks before our finals than to take a fun little road trip?


So Blake and I, our sweet little birthday girl Shelby, and our other cute roommate/friend Kennedy decided to go..
[We also had to run a big Marriage Preparation Errand so.. they were good friends & good sports..
Thanks Guys. Love you.]

& it was definitely not like anything I had ever experienced before.

Everyone around you is just drowning you with chalk..
until every part of you is saturated and it 
looks like you are there to celebrate!

& although it may not have been the cleanest celebration..
[& may have required a few showers to wash off]

 It definitely was a fun one.
So this one's to prepare you guys for when you come..
Because I know you will now.



Almost the same right?

Happy Birthday my Sweet Shelby 
I love you to death.. & am so grateful for the 7 semesters you have decided it would still be okay to live with me. 
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
Enjoy your First Week of Spring..
[I have more good news so stay posted.]

oh and..
25 more days!

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