Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The O.A.T

So last Friday was the BIG day..

Blake took his Optometry Admittance Test!
And I can't thank everyone for all the love and support.
It's one of those things you prepare for for so long and then can't believe it's over..
Blake has seriously been studying for this thing all summer and I just am hoping this means we get to spend a little bit of time together and have some fun now!
So the morning of the actual test we woke up at like 4:40 and went to gym to work out together before Blake left for his test..
And then I had made breakfast in the crockpot the night before because I knew we wouldn't have very much time..
[It turned out super good by the way if anyone has been wondering if they should try it I think it'd be completely worth it!]

So we had a big breakfast ready.. which Blake seriously couldn't eat like even 5 bites of the poor guy was so nervous..
& Then when I went to give him a big hug he told me..
"Oh no! Don't hug me too hard I'm going to throw up"
I felt horrible. He looked sick when he ended up leaving the house...
But luckily.. dun dun duh...  he did good!
I really think it was all the prayers from friends and family so thank you. :)
And then even though we were both exhausted from quite the day, we of course had to go out to spend all of our money celebrate!

I'm so proud of this guy.
He is such a hard worker and seems like he just gets it done never ever complains about having too much on his plate.
I love you Blake and couldn't be more grateful for you and all you do for our family!
Now... hopefully I will have some more fun blog posts because right now all we have to do is basically wait and see where Blake gets an interview!
Wish us luck!
[& Stay tuned while hopefully life relaxes a little bit!]

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  1. What a sweet wife you are to an awesome husband! You two are so good together! Love ya!