Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Glimpse Into Life as a Pre Optometry Student's Wife..

In my experience with life so far I have decided that [especially at this stage in our life] some years are spent preparing.. and planning and working hard so that eventually you will be exactly where you want to be in life..
&& Luckily some years are just spent enjoying that hard work..
I definitely felt like last year was one of those years.. with a wedding and getting to travel to another country and around the United States and live on the East Coast with my sweetheart.. and graduating College and getting to see family. One Big Party Right?
But... This Year However..
We are back to studying and working hard.
[[Even on Labor Day..]]
So if anyone was wondering what we have been up to.. When I am not working, this is what my life looks like.
Don't get me wrong.. that is my book next to Blake, and I love to read.... so no complaining there.
But its not exactly being out and about traveling and celebrating Labor Day now is it?

Blake is taking his Optometry Admitence Test in less than 3 weeks! So our life has been alllll about getting ready and studying.
But what a cute life this is.. & all I think I am learning from all of this studying is that I am so grateful for a smart husband that knows all of this Chemistry & Biology & Physics and is taking this test because there is no way I would be able to remember what he is learning.
I love you babe thanks for working so hard.

 & Even though Blake has been busy (he is working full time too) late at night he always goes out of his way to make sure that I am happy and we are having fun.
The other night the electricity went out at like 11.. which is about an hour past my bed time during the week, I am SUCH a morning person.. so I am laying on the couch exhausted and Blake pulls out all of our candles and decided that we were going to stay up and enjoy this experience.

 And that we did.. and it was so fun.
And luckily we still have Friday night date night..

Blake plans the cutest dates...
He took clues and fun things for us to do and hid them all around town and then gave me coordinates and I was expected to find them!
And if anyone knows me you probably know that I am horrrrible with directions.. so this was one big adventure.
& Trust me he did not help me at ALL.. one time in fact we went completely the wrong way and he didn't say a word... haha
But I had a lot of fun.. I wish I would have gotten a few more pictures.. for this first one we went to the park and the Merry Go Round..

& I had been wanting to draw with sidewalk chalk so Blake let us play hop scotch and humored me as our hands turned Pink and Blue..

He took me to play catch...
[ At the same park he proposed to me at actually.. have I mentioned that I am probably going to miss Rexburg..]

& Then.. our date became a wild goose chase.. we have much different taste in cars. :)

But it ended really fun.. as per usual.
I'm so grateful for the little things in life.. and this little Idaho town that has grown on me.
I'm grateful for a hard working husband that is also my best friend.
AND I can't wait for this dang O. A. T to be taken and out of the way.. hopefully we will get to know where we are moving next year soon!
But until September 20th.. here is a pretty good glimpse into the life of a pre Optometry student... and his wife.
I hope everyone had a good Labor Day Weekend!

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